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These idiots took the word of a thief and hung with the Al Sharpton race baiters wrongfully accusing Darren Wilson of killing a young black thug in Ferguson, who they wanted to believe held his hands up in surrender.   Instead of listening to a police officer doing his job, they took sides with  community trouble makers, liars, and a punk friend of Browns.

Even when evidence and in the least doubt that Michael Brown held his hands up, they accused Wilson of murder while Brown had his hands raised; and gave their hands up demonstrations in congress, either not yet knowing the truth or ignoring it.  They were ready to lynch Wilson before they learned the FACTS.  They didn’t care about the truth or they would have waited for it, so who is the racists here.   Darren Wilson defended himself against Michael Brown, the DOJ and lynch mob in Congress.

You’ll never hear the four jackass’ above admit they were wrong or apologize.   Quite frankly an apology just isn’t good enough. They were out of line, and misrepresented their districts.   They should retire, but they won’t, that would be the right thing to do.

The Department of Justice, now since you are finished hammering the Ferguson police department from your investigation; you see the four above who are guilty of misrepresentation, profiling, ignoring the truth and wanted to ruin a white cop’s life; investigate them.  While you’re at it investigate all of Congress and the racist in the White House, investigate his lying, corrupt, anti-American ass.


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    Yes, Darren Wilson is owned one big apology. And those four pictured Congressmen/women owe the American people and Darren more than an apology – they should resign for creating a picture that was not on the horizon. Shame Shame on all four of you by trying to disrupt the country!


  2. It is good the system worked, however It never should have gotten so out of hand. The race boaters fanned the flames hoping to see a white cop fry. They were denied but they learned nothing from their own racism, and will act the same when it happens again.


  3. I’m wondering if Darren Wilson should file a lawsuit for defamation of character against Al Sharpton. But then, I stop and say, “If Sharpton can’t pay the IRS, what makes me think he’s got any money to pay Wilson!”


    1. I don’t know if you have heard, not sure how national this has gone yet, but, Michael Brown’s parents are filing a Civil Suit against Darren Wilson. This occurred as soon as the word came down Wilson would not be charged by the Fed, and that they found Brown did not have his hands up, did not get shot in the back and Wilson did nothing but his job and defended himself. Wilson has been exonerated 3 times, once by a Grand Jury, once where there would not be any civil charges by the Fed, and now that there would be no criminal charges by the DOJ. 3 Times they couldn’t find evidence other than in Wilson’s favor. Hell the Fed even admitted Wilson told the truth and the evidence back him up with a few other honest witnesses. So, now he gets to go through a civil suit by mommy. This bitch is just camera happy….she didn’t even raise her kid, grandma did. Wilson wouldn’t be able to file a lawsuit against the mom, she doesn’t have a pot to piss in. If I am Wilson I’m not sure I wouldn’t file suit against the organizations that funded/instigated the riots and the Brown’s trip to visit the UN. They were prodding the situation in Ferguson anyway.


      1. Officer Wilson has been cleared from federal criminal charges. The upcoming civil trial will determine if he’s liable for wrongful death. I expect the same result. Just point out that he’s not (fully) exonerated yet.

        Michael Brown’s parents have the right to pursue justice for their son and we all should be grateful they do. And they are right, “Officer Darren Wilson did not have to shoot and kill Mike Brown Jr. in broad daylight in the manner that he did, that he had other options available to him” in retrospect. With hindsight, no less than Officer Wilson agrees.

        What’s happened so far is not a travesty. It should be celebrated. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. The system worked.

        I understand the calls to apologize but mention two things. Exoneration is the apology. It was delivered on Wednesday and I think, as I noted, there will be more (civil trial).

        The tougher one to discuss, it’s almost impossible to be civil, it’s nearly impossible to seem fair and I don’t know how to say it without ruffling feathers, if we need to apologize to Officer Wilson, there is needed a zillion more.

        That “other option world” would be better than the one that is. Officer Wilson no doubt wishes we were already there.


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