Sen. Barbara Boxer Reprimands the GOP By Saying Out Loud What America Has Been Thinking

And the other side, her side has been no different. All of Congress is a lost joke!


Retiring California Senator Barbara Boxer (D) has had it up to here with Republican hypocricy and whining. On Tuesday, she took time to tell off the GOP for everything they are doing wrong to paralyze Congress, not respecting the president or American people, threatening to shut down Homeland Security, and otherwise say what only an outgoing senator would dare to say.

Here are some excerpts via Daily Kos:

We all know Republicans won in huge numbers in the 2014 election, and they took over the United States Senate and they run it. They run it. Or at least they’retryingto run it. And let’s be clear, less than eight weeks after they took over the Senate, we are facing a shutdown; a shutdown of the very agency that protects the health, the safety, the lives, of the American people – the Department of Homeland Security.
They’re shutting down…

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5 thoughts on “Sen. Barbara Boxer Reprimands the GOP By Saying Out Loud What America Has Been Thinking”

  1. I agree with Basharr and Arlin… these Dems are cowards. And to be honest with you, the GOP are too. They are not standing up to the POTUS and holding his accountable for his treasonous acts. So both parties are self-serving. This is why I will no longer vote for either party (never voted Democratic…ewwww) and now I will vote The Constitution Party and if I have to I will write in the name. I WILL NOT VOTE GOP EVER AGAIN! They are no better than the Democrats!


  2. They always make a parting shot like cowards when they are on the way out. However it is the liberal way, and in this case considering the current cave on immigration I agree there is hypocrisy. I did not cast my vote so the people I voted for would cave on such an important issue. Hell I could have passed on voting. However I cast every vote I possibly can so I have to take it on the chin rather frequently.

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