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The White House occupant who was elected to two terms by an obvious overwhelming number of naive voters, represents Islam, which would include all their terrorist cells.  He is not representative of  Americans and that most certainly includes those that supported him in the voting booth.  To him you are suckers he leached on to.

All that Obama does is in favor of Islam, not Americans.    A president leads his/her country, has the country’s best interest at heart.   That is not true with Obama…….and most of us know this to be true.  He is leading his Muslim people and plotting against us from the Office of Our House!






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    Recently, it has been brought to our attention that the Democratic Party and Obama used illegal aliens to win his second election. Time to call their hand and prove this. It wasn’t American people.

    Time to bring this out in the open once and for all.


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  2. Obama has recently given the enemy information on an attack that is aimed at retaking Mosul. He has given them the date it will start, Who will carryout the attack and the time frame that has been set for the mission. How is a war to be won when he keeps broadcasting the hoe, when, and where of an operation? He alerts his buddies that trouble is coming and he does it openly. If any American privy to this information where to assure thee enemy was aware of it they would be arrested and tried as an enemy of the state.


  3. The Holy Word of God specifically speaks against those who confess Jesus Christ is not the Son of God, as it is written, “1 John 4:15 KJV – Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God.” The image of the beast mentioned in the book of Revelation is Islam, and the mark of the beast is the testimony of devotion to the false prophet Mohammed and Allah the pagan false deity that blasphemes Yahweh and the truth about Yeshua. Search the Scriptures and see for yourself and compare to the words of the blasphemous Quran, as it is written in a Surah describing Jesus Christ, ” Quran Surah 112:2 Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; 3 He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;”

    Thanks for the blasphemy false prophet Mohammed.

    May the grace, peace, and love of Yahweh, God the Father who is the I AM and Christ our Lord be with you all.

    Matthew 4:17 – “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”


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