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If he were to actually make these statements, it would be the only time in his political life he spoke the truth……….sadly.


  1. Is it unpatriotic to openly state I loath this man who would dare to call himself a leader? I think not what is unpatriotic is the thousands upon thousands who support him.

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    1. It is patriotic to stand-up to, and try to reach others with our words, to see what he is and is not. I believe it is our right and our duty to judge the actions/non-action of any leader that is supposed to represent us, especially one that holds the office of president. When candidates debate we evaluate, what they say and what believe they will do. We are taught not to judge others, but we can judge their acts. Politics and politician are exempt from “Judge me not”. They must be judged, when all they do effects our lives. That is why they call it representing us. I believe the only others exempt from non-judgement are criminals, funny how with criminals and politicians all is fair with judgement. Hate the sin love the sinner. I’m not perfect, I find it difficult to so much as like Obama. I would have a difficult time staying out of his face if I were in the same room with this maniac. There I go………judging!


      1. Right we must judge them lest they continue to fail to meet the needs of the people it is they who are to make the laws that protect us our property, etc yet we watch while they get rich in a position of service to We The People…It boggles the mind. Do you think Nancy Pelosi believes her job is to serve the people? How about Obama do you think he believes his job is to serve us or rule us? Leadership is a service he performs quite badly.I wrote a blog post today about congressmen working to bring illegals here and DHS that in reality does very little to secure anything.


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