The left and their well developed skill of lying to the AMERICAN PEOPLE

Government cover ups are LIES!



THESE DOLT’S graduated from LIBERALISM a long time ago-that brand is dead they have moved on to SOCIALISM,  working hard towards the end game COMMUNISM

Anyone  in America today that still buy’s into the Communist Democrat Party is indeed brain-dead!

They are the party of LIARS, the party of DEATH (ABORTION)  the party of SLAVERY (WELFARE) the party of RACISM the party of  DISCRIMINATION (CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS) the party of SECULARISM

The Democrat party calls themselves PROGRESSIVES but in actual fact progressivism is COMMUNISM democratcommunist

The Democrat party has had willing accomplices to further their PROGRESSIVE ideology  for decades,  those accomplices being the MAIN STREAM MEDIA.

A prime example of the type of journalist (propagandist) reporting the daily dose of left-wing propaganda would NBC journalist Brian Williams a liar BRIANWILLIAMPROPAGANDARMOFDEMPARTY


Most (not all) Americans today get their spooned fed propaganda, misinformation, disinformation from ABC CBS NBC CNN PBS those that tune in for the most…

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