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Every single item above listed by Lincoln are conditions the Council on Foreign Relations pushes, especially against the middle class in the United States.   They are about a two class society, upper and lower, created in part by division as in racial divide.   In politics, we have the Left and Right, known as Democrats and Republicans; but how much is just show…….anymore it is difficult to tell them apart.  They really do seem to be on the same team,  just not our team, not We the People, we are peasants to them, future servants.

How do politicians gain so much power?   A virtual unknown gets elected to the United States Senate, sits on his ass accomplishing nothing and keeps his mouth shut, for the most part.  He demonstrates he can take orders, direction from, from where?  A Think Tank, which is what the Council on Foreign Relations likes to refer as itself:  thinking of making this a better world, in their eyes of course.    It didn’t hurt that this puppet was a disciple of Saul Alinsky, a Marxist community organizer.  Barack Obama, was the Manchurian Candidate, then the perfect marionette in the White House.   How does someone with little history, none that could be easily traced anyway, and one who can not present a legitimate birth certificate become President of the United States.   He had a lot of support, approximately 4,900 members of the CFR type of support. An organization that may have more accumulated wealth and power from its members than any other in the nation, one of the wealthiest in the world.

A New World Order, with a One World Government and One Monetary System is the main goal of the CFR.   Barack Obama fit their agenda perfectly, he follows direction, he could be their Front Man.   He is bold enough to make executive orders, will keep the border open, advocate of amnesty for illegal immigration, will shrink the military, will be cautious on military strategy against pretentious enemies and threats to the American people.   Why this dude will do everything to drag America down to an inferior nation.    It is not out of the question all the superior human members of this Think Tank, who knows what is best for us, got Obama elected and re-elected.   Money is power is it not?  You ask yourself, how did he get elected when I can’t find anyone that voted for him?

How is it that someone who has scandal after scandal and accusations of crimes……lie after lie (and absolutely caught in them) wherever she goes, even think that she can be elected President of the United States and is entitled to the office?   By the way is it a coincidence that Hillary Clinton is also a Saul Alinsky disciple?   Hillary Rodham Clinton is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  She is in the club!   She will also do anything to get elected.  Anything!  The CFR will do all it can to help her out.   She fits their agenda, and will pick up where Obama leaves off.

Hillary has even stated the Council on Foreign Relations rules the United States.   She may be right, nothing gets done in Congress, except collect salaries while they put on their stage show.

Enjoy your freedom.    We could all do more to keep it!


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