Deflategate, as it is called by the mainstream media has been getting a lot of press.  Several press conferences with quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots have been held as well as owner Robert Kraft.  It has been an issue on the news and a huge issue on sports news and programs, particularly talk shows.  Whether the investigation finds that there was cheating by releasing air from the footballs by the Pats or not, much attention has been drawn towards the team and the NFL.   Fans that have a dislike for the Patriots, and there are many, keep the conversation moving and are screaming CHEATERS, especially with the biggest game of the season on Sunday.

Benghazi, should get so much attention and concern.   How is it, our political scandals and government official’s misconduct and corruption can’t compare to what happens in the NFL.   I know there are diehard fans.  We should be so lucky to have diehard citizens, with as much interest keeping politics (government) clean as the National Football League.  You would think, We the People would hold the government and politicians more accountable.   We expect our professional sports teams to play by the rules.   We throw a flag when they don’t and we scream when we feel our team has been treated unfairly. The winner of the Superbowl is not as important as the winner of the next presidential election.   We will survive no matter who wins THE GAME,  whether they did fairly or not.   We don’t want or need cheating in the NFL, MLB or NHL……..we don’t want that taught to our children, but we’d survive.   We must be more concerned with who we put in the big house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this next time.  We’ve had enough lies and corruption.  That is about our children and grandchildren’s future. 

We don’t need any repeat offenders in the White House.   Go ahead read between the lines, you know who I am talking about, they’re a team of their own.   The media could do well to cover the garbage that goes on in Washington, no not the Redskins, as they do the sports world.

Enjoy the game.

Noah Carries Out His Purpose

It would seem we didn’t get God’s message the first time.

This Day With God - A Spiritual Journey

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Reading in Genesis 7, Noah did the job the Lord told him to do. It took 120 years to build the ark and people had the chance to repent during that whole time. Then the time came and Noah went into the ark along with his family. All male and female of every animal or bird was to enter into the ark to keep their kind alive while the earth was flooded.

For forty days and nights the rain came down but the ark floated on the water as it reached above the highest mountain. Every living thing on dry land was wiped out as the waters flooded the earth for a hundred and fifty days.

God gave Noah a purpose and he was self-disciplined so that it was carried out to its conclusion. What purpose has God given you? If you would like to share, please…

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General David Petraeus should not be concerned with intimidation over his affair preventing him from testifying on Benghazi. Most Americans could care less at this point about his extramarital activity. Its old news now, isn’t Hillary? Americans only want the truth, and if Petraeus has information significant to Benghazi then do the right thing, testify. That is more important than his affair which we know about. We don’t need all the details, he had one. What will create a darker hole for him to climb into to hide is if he doesn’t talk; he is doing a disservice to his country. He is a General for God’s sake, don’t be pushed around by a whimpy ass Obama and thing like Hillary. They (and I say they because Obama is not in the Benghazi cover-up alone, Hillary) have much to hide or they would not be making threats. Really, consider where this all comes from……there is more than one pot calling the kettles black here. The Clinton’s and Obama’s have enough of their own trouble to be concerned with; of course people like that have no conscious.

Special Report: Notes on Another Clinton Scandal: Was Vince Foster Killed? – Of Course, He Knew The Clinton Secrets

The same night that Foster died, White House staff working for Hillary raided Foster’s office. Hillary may have been upset by the news of Foster’s death, but, as claimed by Senator Alfonse D’Amato (R-NY) in the comments related to the Whitewater scandal, Hillary’s chief of staff Margaret Williams removed certain files from Foster’s office (from
Many believe Vince Foster may have been killed in the White House, his body moved to a park. 3 men in red vest were seen running from the scene where the “suicide body” was found. A suicide victim does not move, obviously…….killers move bodies, would especially from the White House.

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‘Sex slave’ claims Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s ‘orgy island’

On the flight logs 26X.   Had his own special seat………and the floors in bedrooms on the plane was mattress material.   COZY!

“That’s old news.” or “What difference does it matter.”.    That is how Hillary would answer questions about Slick Willie’s sex jaunts on Jeffrey Epstein’s orgy-island.

Virginia Roberts claims Epstein turned her into a sex slave at the age of 17 on his island when in 2002 Bill Clinton visited with two teenage girls from New York.   The threesome apparently flew to Orgy Island aboard Epstein’s private jet, which is/was equipped with proper bedding for mile high activity.   The party only begins on the flight, the real celebration takes place after landing.  Teenage girls were made available/ordered to engage with Epstein’s guests.

Roberts confirmed in an interview that Bill Clinton was one of the party participants to the orgies.  She recalls asking Epstein what Clinton was doing there.  We all know the answer to that Virginia, Bill can’t keep his pants up around the opposite sex.   Some things never change; why would Willie, he gets away with whatever.  This won’t surprise the American public, we know what Bill Clinton is, a sex addict.   That won’t change, he has no reason to change, America and most of all Hillary accepts his behavior.

My question is, if Clinton flies from New York to Epstein’s Island with teenage girls for sex, “Is he not guilty of sex trafficking?”  whether it is in Epstein’s jet or not?   We all know that Bill and Hillary as well have always been and continue to be above the law.

For the full story, or one that may be continued, see the link above on Virginia Robert’s statement.

It is about time we started holding the Clinton’s accountable for their behavior.  What is sad, the Clinton Foundation is the recipient of this weeks Humana Golf Challenge.   Having a foundation in your name, is it a good deed to cover all wrong?  “Well, but despite Bill and Hillary, the foundation does good things”. No, that is not a trade off to escape responsibility or punishment.


HILLARY ……….apparently has an arrangement with Bill, she knows she still needs him.   Check the link out below.  Unlike Hillary the Movie, that you won’t see in theatres, I don’t think you’ll need a puke bucket, unless you fee more comfortable with one.