Let me start by saying I am not a Democrat.  I have leaned mostly on the Republican side most of my voting life.  However, I quite frankly have become totally disgusted with both parties for sometime.  I am not sure either party knows what they stand for, it has become a couple of clubs and everyone just follows the leader, which is both sad and dangerous.   I no longer back parties…. I search for potential leaders with integrity, common sense, sincerity and patriotism; and its good that they have a spiritual belief.

I watched a good portion of the video from C-SPAN on the  hearing of the House Committee on Benghazi from Tuesday January 27th 2015.   I spent most of the viewing shaking my head, not so much in disbelief, but in frustration.  It was clear the most competent individual on the committee is the Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy.

Trey Gowdy, is a rare jewel in today’s breed of elected government officials, especially on the federal level.   I am not writing about the value of Representative Gowdy to our nation in this blog, that would be a piece of its own.

I did not watch the hearing to its adjournment, after about forty-five minutes I had seen enough.   Three things really stood out:  1)  This was as profound an example of why nothing gets done in Washington as I have ever witnessed.  2)  The Deputy Secretary of State who acts as liaison for legislative affairs is  Joel Rubin.  Really, this guy is the best we can do?  3) The Democrats are as determined to protect Obama and Hillary Clinton as the Republican committee members, especially Chairman Gowdy are in finding the truth of Benghazi.  Another words America, the Benghazi cover-up continues.

I mentioned in my opening paragraph my displeasure with both parties.  I must say, the Republicans seem more interested in fulfilling what they were assigned to do, find the truth on the Benghazi attack(s) and the action or lack of by our Executive Branch and State Department.   The Dems spend most of their floor time criticizing the Republicans.   The Republicans spent their floor time actually asking questions of the witness before them; on this day Mr. Joel Rubin from the State Department.  Most of the questions for Mr. Rubin were “Do we have all the documents on Benghazi?  If we do not have all, when will we receive them all?”  I would interject here that Gowdy wants them now, all of them, not 50% not 75% but 100%.   They have waited long enough.

When the floor was yield to the Democrats, they apologized to the witness, for just having to be there, that he had to go through such a process.  Understand, the Democrats want to just accept the word of Obama, Hillary and the State Department.  The club sticks together, no matter.

What is ridiculous, the Democrats cried foul, if they did not have their fair share of representatives on this committee; the purpose of which “to keep an eye on Gowdy and the Republicans”.  The Dems have equal representation on the committee.    They took turns when they had the floor complaining that they were not being included in the investigation or interviewing of individuals of interests etc….etc…., especially excluded by Gowdy.  They spent the time ripping Gowdy.   They say they want to get to the truth, but they never ask “the witness” anything.   They bitched to get on the committee because they weren’t being included.   They were assigned to the committee but just bitched they were still  being excluded; and apologized to Rubin that he had to be there.   So, why complain to get on a committee only to complain they have to even be there.   If they just stayed home, maybe the committee gets to the truth.

The Democrat’s purpose is to deflate the evidence, slow the process.  They obviously don’t want “all the documents” to show; neither does Obama and neither does Hillary.  This is why nothing gets done in Washington and this is nothing more than a cover-up of what really happened in Benghazi.   If there was nothing to hide, those documents would have been there.

The Democrats, as suggested by Rep. Cummings, will consider vetoing Gowdy’s subpoenas  of 22 State Department witnesses.   Oh yeah, the Democrats are really interested in finding the truth.   The Democrats are afraid what will come out.   They are scared to death of Gowdy.

On Mr. Rubin, he knows how to dance….he danced around every question by Gowdy and the other Republicans.  He slow danced cheek to cheek with the Democrats.  He never gave a straight answer on anything.   He would not say if they had all the documents, or when the 22 witnesses could be scheduled to testify.   Out of 70,000 State Department employees he is concerned that taking those 22 away from their job could jeopardize national security.  LOL…… They sure as hell did not have that attitude with the 4 that were murdered in Benghazi.

I for one, am sick and tired of our government lying to us, covering up for their crimes and not being accountable.   Its time some people start falling.   I don’t care who they are………its time the Clinton’s and Obama’s, Johnson’s (as in LBJ) and Nixon’s and score of others of this world are held responsible.  Jailed!





  1. Excellent! There is so much ‘chit’ to shovel within the administration that they just keep pushing it from side to side! The ‘piles’, however, are starting to cascade unto the middle isles and it will lead to, if the truth prevails, a load of mass proportions!

    Sadly, I missed the briefing but will catch it. The buck stops with Obama. He gave the final refusal, I’m sure, that cost those folks their lives in Benghazi…HE knew the truth and failed to act as well as Hilary ect…IMHO


    1. Even when they knew it was a lie they continued to blame it on the video. Right up to the day the caskets were returned to American soil Hillary told the parents of one of the dead they would get the guy who made the video. Congress, not just republicans should be seeking to hold Clinton and Obama accountable. We see this guy Cummings constantly trying to remove Obama and Clinton from the mix. What kind of investigation is it when one of the leaders openly does not want us to know the truth?


  2. Two problems with your conclusion: One it presumes a cover up and concomitant justice for a hypothetically guilty person. Two, you omit more recent and obvious political criminals like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld from the list of jailable turds.


    1. I have no problem including Cheney and Rumsfeld. If my intent was to make a complete list of political/government figures who belong in jail…..I’d still be writing. A presumption of a cover-up….our government is quite experienced in covering up. It is my opinion!

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  3. BRAVO! I don’t care who either as long as those responsible are held accountable. There are many who have not forgotten the scum that seeps off of the Clinton’s. It is a filth and now it eats at every single things the Clinton’s do. I want her to run because I believe she will lose. Gowdy is a glimmer of hope but that is not saying much as the deck is most obviously stacked. Hillary needs to be held accountable for Benghazi. I doubt it will happen but maybe it will muck up the gears of her campaign to a point it cannot be repaired..


    1. They, the Clintons, have escaped many scandals. Actually, events or doings worse than that. I believe they had Vince Foster killed. Eventually corrupt political figures hiding their acts kill or have killed someone, because they know too much. The degree of the Clinton arrogance and boldness keeps rising because they get away with everything. They prey on naive, uniformed Americans.

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  4. I say let ’em dance for a while. Why do you think Hillary WANTS to testify as soon as possible? It’s simply because the American public will forget what she has to say 10 minutes after she says it. She wants to get it out of the way before she becomes a candidate. She knows Gowdy will fry her like he fries his steak for dinner. She’d rather do it now than when the world is watching every move she makes. I say wait until after the Democratic National Convention. That would be a GREAT time to have her in!

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    1. I agree the public has a short memory, especially when it comes to the Clintons. Some of the Republicans are in a hurry to get her in, they are afraid she’ll have to much time to come up with a story or hide more evidence. Really, she’s had all kinds of time for that. The info Gowdy wants want go away…….he knows it.


      1. Oh, Gowdy will wait her out, no doubt. He’s got all the time in the world. She doesn’t, as much as she likes to think she does. He’ll just wait until she announces. Make her sweat! Then when she says she doesn’t want to testify, ask her why she said she DID back in January?


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