“I want Cuban mechanics maintaining my cars!!”


  1. Quotes from my Father. My Father grew up in Highwood, Illinois which is just north of Highland Park, Illinois. Highland Park was predominately Jewish and wealthy, just as it is today. Highwood was on the other side of the tracks and mostly Swedish, Italian, and a smattering of Germans. Each Morning in the summertime trucks would roll into Highwood and hire 60 Italian gardeners for the summer estate of Mr. Albert Lasker. He made more money in advertising than anyone in that business ever. His estate was in Lake Forest, the next town north along Lake Michigan, and he drove a yellow Rolls-Royce in town. His estate was larger than Forest Park in St Louis and just as well maintained. He could not join Onwentsia Country Club in lake Forest because it was restricted(no Jews). As an aside, my Grandmother worked at the club as a server.
    Mr. Lasker decided to get even with his sellout Gentile friends and he built a world class 18 hole golf course on his estate. He invited all his friends to be members and gave them each a medal for bag number one at the caddy shack. A real slam for golfers.

    Years later, Mr. Lasker had passed and the heirs sold off the property to real estate developers. I purchased 1.3 acres in 1986 or so for $350,000, and built a house for another $500,000. The grounds were on an old tee from the golf course and the pipes for watering were still buried there.

    My Dad stopped by one day and took me for a ride through Highwood where he grew up and then through Lake Forest. We stopped in front of the old estates of the founding families of Chicago. The Armours, Cudahys, Searles, Walgreens, Marshall Fields, and many others. When we returned to my home he told me two pieces of advice: Never be jealous of another man’s success because it gives you something to shoot for and be kind to the people you meet on the way up because you might meet them on the way down. I lived and live by that advice.

    Most Respectfully,

    Rick K. Nelson

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    1. Went to that link…….I saw nothing I am looking forward to there. Gates is an A-hole as well. Imagine all these world leaders and money bags on one island together, they “pretend” as if they can’t get along now…. you’re right be aware of ALL.


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