hillary in front of caskets lying

Hillary Clinton who held the title of Secretary of State of the United States agreed to testify in front of Trey Gowdy’s special committee on Benghazi.    Isn’t that good of her?!?!  

It will be interesting to see how much of her story has changed, since the “What difference does it matter?” quote; which was her true feelings.   Keep in mind since that time, witness(es) have testified the State Dept. destroyed documents on Benghazi, which would have been from a direct order from the then boss (Ms Hillary).  

Gowdy has been waiting on additional documents before calling Hillary to testify.   I would not expect to hear the truth from H. Clinton, even though I am anxious to hear what comes from her mouth, that is always entertaining and usually garbage.   She has had over two years to come up with one hell-of-a story.

The Chairman of the committee, Mr. Trey Gowdy received a letter from the Secretary of State of Legislative Affairs, stating that they were now ready to have employees/members of the State Department (witnesses) testify.     As Julia Frifield stated “we’re ready to talk”.  

Wow!    They are ready after over 2 years.    Those that have only the truth to share, speak now…..those that lie need time to prepare!   This smells like the continuation of a cover-up.



  1. Gowdy is nobody’s fool. Hillary wants to testify before she declares her candidacy…following in the Clinton Bible of “if there’s bad news, get out in front of it first so you own the story”. That way no one will remember it a year from now. Gowdy would be smart to wait until after New Hampshire and South Carolina before he has her testify!


    1. You know, I was thinking along those same lines. He should call the other 22 witnesses first. It’s going to take some time for those. I believe questioning those 22 prior to Hillary will create more questions for the sweet thing. I have a feeling there will be more dirt pulled out with the 22 as well. Have all the garbage in the bag when you hammer on Hillary; a kind of “This is what we know Hillary, how do you answer to that?”. From the C-SPAN video I saw from Tuesday, the democrats and the State Department (Rubin) are protecting Obama and Hillary, it is obvious. The Democrats on the committee didn’t even question Rubin. They just vented BS on Gowdy, which I am in the middle of a blog/story on.

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      1. So, the question is, Will they call her back AFTER the other 22 have spoken?? This stinks of rotten eggs to me but do look forward to your blog on it…


  2. This SMELLS Period! Does she truly believe we are so stupid that all of a sudden she is going to give us the truth? Thanks but no thanks you are not patching up your hole riddle boat of lies with me. Pass on Hillary…Pass it on.


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