Noah Carries Out His Purpose

It would seem we didn’t get God’s message the first time.

This Day With God

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Reading in Genesis 7, Noah did the job the Lord told him to do. It took 120 years to build the ark and people had the chance to repent during that whole time. Then the time came and Noah went into the ark along with his family. All male and female of every animal or bird was to enter into the ark to keep their kind alive while the earth was flooded.

For forty days and nights the rain came down but the ark floated on the water as it reached above the highest mountain. Every living thing on dry land was wiped out as the waters flooded the earth for a hundred and fifty days.

God gave Noah a purpose and he was self-disciplined so that it was carried out to its conclusion. What purpose has God given you? If you would like to share, please…

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