National mainstream news chose not to air the protest of a Muslim event in Garland, Texas.   Local news around Garland aired the story, but unless you hear the word over the internet from organizations such as Breitbart, Obama’s nationwide “folks” won’t receive information on current events.  That is truly a shame, when Islam has made its presence and intention’s so clear to us, we should all be interested in what they are up to, especially here at home.

It appears Americans are becoming uncomfortable with Islam and are beginning to express their feelings openly, banning together.

Click on the link below for the story and videos on the protest in Garland, Texas.


  1. Islam needs to be banned in the USA. Like slavery it is a bad idea. Muhammad, who all Muslims follow, was a terrorist, and intolerant hater.


  2. Islam means submission. As long as you convert or pay a tax you the kafir(non-muslim), may be allowed to live. After the 9/11 attack early scenes from the muslim communities in Michigan and Texas showed the muslims out in the street praising the attacks on America. Just like the pictures of bodies falling out of the bombed buildings those pictures were quickly scrubbed.

    My simple question is why cannot the truth be told?

    I believe the answer to that question is simple, just as the answer to illegal immigration, and an ever expansion of third world dependents arriving on our shores is expanding.

    It suits the needs and guilt of the ruling elites.

    However, I have a solution. Give the elites back a taste of their own medicine. I will confine my comments to the St Louis area since this is where the solution might occur.

    A man I know won the lottery and was paid out $300 million after-tax. This is his plan to counter the PC nonsense destroying the US. He is 63 years old and left $150 million to his friends and family members. That will keep them nice and tidy. The rest of the money he devoted to his plan.

    He selected five very upscale communities in St Louis for the experiment. The communities were Clayton, Sunset Hills, Creve Coeur, Ladue, and the Central West End. These are the areas where most rich elites and politicians live and that is a fact.

    With $150 million someone can accumulate properties in these areas especially if using straw buyers. Zoning variances cost a few under the table payments, but not bad if someone does not know what is planned. Two years later and the plan goes into effect and still lots of money for the PR and political battle.

    Each of the elite communities will soon have opened up in their confines a new sanctuary church for illegal immigrants from Central America, especially members of the MS-13 gang from El Salvidor. Section 8 housing will be made available along with a neighborhood methadone clinic. There will be a new state of the art homeless center and free transportation from reverend Rice’s house of horrors. Please do not forget the free needle exchange program. Lawsuits will be entered against all the five communities to have all signs and legal forms in multi-languages. Probably just 10 languages to start. Everyone gets free college and can attend any high school they want. And to top it off a new mosque and community center restricted to muslims will be built in each community. This man has a few more ideas so stay tuned. Maybe the worm will turn when the elites of the fleet live like us swabs.

    This will come to pass as soon as I win the lottery.

    Most Respectfully,

    Rick K. Nelson

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