It is a reflection on Obama that he is surrounded by jackasses.  Like birds of a feather flocking together, jackasses apparently run in herds.

Obama may not have known about the parties plans to hold their wedding on the 16th tee, but course management and Obama’s asses would have known and obviously did not care.  In fairness to Obama (Ugh) he did the right thing, which is rare and apologize to the newlyweds.

We should not be making such a big deal over this, I believe there are graver issues before us, but at the same time it shows a lack of consideration for others on the Obama Asses; however, nobody died.  The media however, searching for whatever, made a big deal out of it.   Give it the 15 minutes, then move on. 

If the newlyweds are okay with it, why shouldn’t we!  



13 thoughts on “DID OBAMA YELL FORE?”

  1. I agree we shouldn’t spend a lot of time on this however I will briefly share my opinion. Obama claims he didn’t know about it at the time. If that’s true it just shows the sort of yes men and women that he has around him. Why wouldn’t they advise him of the situation and consult with him on how to handle it? You’d think the decision makers around him would have approval to deal with such things and would know the appropriate way to handle such a situation since the solution was so simple. It does seem as if the perception by him and all around him is that he is entitled no matter if it’s appropriate or inappropriate. Another thought, his advisors missed a perfect opportunity at a good press headline (President halts golf game for couple’s wedding) and the mainstream media would have ate it up. In the end he did do the right thing and apologize and the couple was gracious about it.

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  2. As I said in commenting on this story on Yahoo News – I think Obama should pay for the newlyweds’ honeymoon out of his own pocket, and in the future he should be the one to graciously bow out. A wedding is, we usually hope, a once-in-a-lifetime event. Obama goes golfing every other weekend.

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  3. Part of me wants to think the classy thing to do here would have been for Obama to find another golf course that didn’t have a wedding going on. But then I realize who we are talking about. It’s really not about the wedding couple, is it? It’s about Obama. You’re right. Let it pass.


    1. I agree and in some way it will make the couple’s wedding more memorable. Though I hate giving the clown a free pass,at least the couple also witnessed history as Obama actually apologized.

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