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For American’s it is a career and honor serving our nation with pride; to illegal aliens it is just a job.

You do not remove Americans from serving in our military to make room for aliens as a gift of amnesty.  That is punishing Americans for their sacrifice hard work and service and rewarding immigrants that have contributed nothing.

Yeah that’s an Obama thing…… This makes no sense!






  1. First, here’s hoping you had the merriest of Christmases!

    Re the post, immigration reform is one of those issues that I remain conflicted about. Politically, I tend toward conservative positions, and am potentially even more extreme than many. Rather than extending amnesty to illegal aliens that we identify within our borders, identify those who harbor them and offer *them* amnesty…and a one-way paid trip back home. Or they can choose to stay and face whatever charges are appropriate for harboring illegal aliens.

    Then my faith side kicks in with reference to Matthew 25 again, where we’re enjoined to take in “strangers” (i.e., aliens). Faith and politics. Always a complicated mix :/

    So when I saw your post, I got curious and did a quick search and found two articles of interest immediately. First, one from Christian Science Monitor from 2012 that talks about the budget cuts leading to the cut of 30,000 troops over the coming decade. So that part is old news. Any stinkeye about the drawdown needs to be cast at the 2012 Congress that passed it, GOP and Dem alike. It’s a worthwhile read in itself.


    The second article is from National Review, and casts Obama’s executive amnesty in a bad light, necessarily. But pay special attention to the list of GOP members in Congress that have been working at the same thing. By all means, blame goes to where it’s due and Obama earns his share on this front. But please be sure to keep beating the drum of caution for your readers like I’ve seen you do so well! Dem or GOP, Congress is riddled with people that sell us one thing and give us another.


    Case in point is article three, also from National Review. The first I heard of the Schumer/Rubio amnesty bill was that first NR article linked above. I’ve been out of the loop for a bit, but last I checked, Rubio was something of a right-wing/Tea Party rising star. Remember this from the Tea Party Express?


    So we need to ask ourselves, does his (or any GOP/Dem) walk match the talk? Because article 3 here, from National Review, makes a heckuva anti-Rubio case:


    Seems we’re surrounded by snakes on all sides.

    There’s still much we disagree about, but as usual I think when we get down to core principles we agree more than disagree. May 2015 be an excellent opportunity to keep finding the common square inch and keep up the battle against the con men in government at all levels that sell us one thing and give us another.

    Happy New Year!


    1. Happy New Year to you as well my friend. I could not agree more we are surrounded by snakes on all fronts. 2015 should be interesting, to say the least; the battle will continue. Always look forward to your responses and perspective. Have a safe New Years Eve.


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