Of course this should not be of any surprise, Carrie Underwood was told by the pop and country music industries to stop praising Jesus publicly, which would include her songs.   Carrie is not listening to stupidity and vows to continue to do as she wishes.

I wasn’t particularly a Carrie Underwood fan, however, I may have to go out and get one of her latest albums now.   Keep it up young lady.

So, I guess pop and country artists don’t care for or are offended by gospel music?   Tuff!  The celebrity left……wow.


  1. How funny that she is being told that. Most country music has God somewhere in it! Keep going, Carrie! I may have to use my gift cards to buy all of her CD’s now! Jesus take the Wheel! Its what launched her music career! WOW!

    Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and I pray 2015 bring you much joy, laughter, love, opportunities to make lifelong memories, and the strength to keep up the fight to keep our country the God has so richly blessed for over 200 years, in Jesus’ Name, amen.

    America bless God!

    Glad to “see” you Arlin and Basharr! 🙂


      1. Been having a rough time. Battling bronchitis right now, but I WILL win! Lord willing! My back and my lungs are suffering as I don’t breathe deep enough and don’t cough anything up. On oxygen 24/7 now. Mostly in lift chair or wheel chair, but have portable oxygen now! So I can spend time with grands when I feel up to it and no one is sick there! I have missed you as well! I hope that your mother is doing well. I think of you both often. Basharr as well! 🙂


      2. Thanks for the reply back. Hang in there! My mother is doing pretty well, has moved in with my sister, which is better than being with me. Obviously she can do more with here than I can, and she can spend the entire day and evening with her, so she isn’t alone. Thank you for asking and your thoughts. You are greatly appreciated.

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      3. Arlin,
        That is good to know that your mother is doing well. You are always full of kind words for me and I so appreciate them though they are not so well deserved.
        I just figured out how to get my menu fixed! YAY! How long did that take? LOL And I suddenly have a bunch of followers! WOW! I guess they were there say beginning 4 months ago until now. I am part of the TEA Party site. You HAVE to go there. OMGosh… that is where I have gotten some of the newest stuff I’ve posted!
        God bless you, my friend,


      4. Hi Rhonda, Keep up the good fight, sorry to hear you are going through it, I will without a doubt keep you in my prayers. God Bless and feel better soon.

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      5. Oh Basharr,
        Thank you so much! You and Arlin are so ever present kindness toward me and I so appreciate your prayers. I may need them to stay out of the hospital. I started last year this time in the hospital. I’m doing all I can on my own, so I could really use His help! 🙂
        I finally figured out my menu problem! How long did it take me? LOL I’ve also been spending some time the past few days at the TEA Party website. That’s where I got some of the newest posts. If you get a chance, stop by, you’ll see me “mothering” those that seem to forget the Rules of Conduct. But there are a lot of great people and great information as well. I’m there under my real name.
        Blessings to you and your family and may 2015 be your blessed year yet!

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  2. Everyone in this world should be able to praise their God. I don’t care what you call him/her. If a person sneezes you should be able to say “God bless you” without fear of offending anone. I do and don’t care what people say. I bow my head before I eat at home and away. I don’t make a public display but I don’t care what anyone thinks. Let’s take all of our rights back. I will say “Merry Christmas” to everone I meet at this time of year. Don’t like it????? TOUGH.

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