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The caption above from Breitbart by Susan Berry Aug. 14, 2014

Islam is like a cancer, it spreads and destroys.  There is preventable treatment, close the borders to Muslims.  This cancer can be destroyed by removing the cells.  The Archbishop is telling us what we need to do, he is all but spelling it out.  We are sleeping with our greatest enemy.

It’s a pretty big task to take on in order to survive, fighting a relentless cancer, a government hell-bent on being politically correct with a twisted agenda and a nation that is slow to rise from its coma.  Will we wake up in time to save our country?

Don’t count on your government, “YOU’LL NOT FIND LEADERS THERE”.



      1. So let me get this straight, because of the behaviour of some maniacs the entire religion of Islam should be tarnished?

        Wasn’t it the Muslims who rescued the Christians and Yazidis from these maniacs? There are 200.000 Muslim KURDISH soldiers who are defending the Christians.

        Why is it when a person who calls himself Muslim does something bad, right-wingers brush the entire 1.7 Billion Muslims as well?

        Why is it when Muslim Kurds who are defending the Christian and Yazidis are not mentioned as MUSLIM KURDISH SOLDIERS in the media? But when something bad happens, straight away his religion is attached to it? Is that fair?

        Please differentiate between what people do and what the religion teaches. They are TWO different things.


    1. Discover The Truth, It is not just right wingers, but I appreciate your selective memory. in reality one must only look to the number of years Islam has has waged war throughout the world..Beheading’s in the name of Islam in the United States, 911, do I need to sit here and rattle of a long list of atrocities claimed by Muslims in the name of Islam? No sir we Americans are well within our right to call a spade a spade.


  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    How many more warnings do we need in America? This cancer is in our country and is spreading. We are in danger. Islam does not say that all men are equal. Our liberal and democratic process means nothing to the Muslims. We must consider the realities in the Middle East and now here in America. Our military and our government are infiltrated with Muslims – we must take a stand now rather than later. America keeps saying we would rather fight them in the Middle East rather than in America – that is a myth – we have welcomed the enemy into our country by a foolish notion that our values will be their values. That will never happen within Islam. Please, America, wake up while there is still time.



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