Terrorist threats foreign and domestic


Those who make threats foreign and domestic.

“We will kill non-Muslim westerners” = Islam (terrorists)                           ” Death to America” =  Islam (ISIS/terrorists)

Protesters chanting “Dead Cops”  =  Domestic terrorists??                       “We will kill whites and their children”   = Domestic terrorists                  Black Panthers: “Kill Whites” = Terrorists                                                             KKK:  Terrorists

Is there a difference?

One is foreign, but has members within us.    The others are a part of us.  All enemies within?








3 thoughts on “Terrorist threats foreign and domestic”

  1. You pose a good question Arlin. Maybe I look at it a bit simplistically but, to me, I don’t consider any terrorist, foreign or domestic, to be part of ‘us’. They are a breed all to themselves. We are now such a melting pot of different ‘peoples’ that who can tell the difference anymore? Some terrorists are born and raised here to be just that, terrorists. Some are just born here and seriously bump their heads on something and become terrorists. Either way…I don’t consider them a part of ‘us’ but simply ‘them’. So, all that to say that it must be the later, ‘all enemies within’… because they are here, like it or not.


    1. I don’t think you look at it too simplistic……I don’t consider them part of us either. The sad part we have protesters chanting “kill cops” or “kill whites”, hard to tell the difference anymore, like you said.
      Obama has done nothing but divide us, him and his buddies, I know you know who they are!

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      1. Divide and concur … That seems to be the plan. Sadly, if we look around, he seems to be doing a pretty good job. Folks are turning on folks. Before you know it ‘we’ all will be screaming for more government intervention. Hmmmmm. BROVO! Yup, I know who they are… 🙂


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