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I am by no means an expert on or will I pretend to know much about torture.   This is only a personal view of what I know and how I feel on the subject.

Torture:  There could be different degrees of torture much like there are different degrees of murder.   Torture is not an act practiced only by the CIA or terrorists organizations.  Mistreatment/torture is rampant worldwide.   Violent people, abusers, spousal and sexual; just sick individuals hurting and killing others including domestic is torture to their victim.

I have seen video of individuals portrayed by aggressors as terrorists being water-boarded, whipped etc…….. Some of the video and stories of such torture I will admit were quite disturbing and appeared to go too far.   As Americans I would hope we can demonstrate good morals and dignity even in our chaotic world.   On the other hand, I am human, it disturbs me greatly when I see video of Americans and others beheaded by people who have no morals or dignity that hide behind a false religion.

The CIA, I am sure occasionally uses desperate means during desperate times.   Is it right?   I guess it depends, if it were my son who was beheaded or killed on 911, I may want vengeance and justice under desperate means as well.   I may take a “Do whatever it takes” attitude to find and punish those responsible.

Its difficult, where do we draw and say “do not cross the line”?  How effective are the tactics of the CIA?

One other thought, the CIA report that came out yesterday cost the tax payers 40 million dollars.   Will that report change anything?   Was it worth 40 million?   It was “investigated” by Democrats only.   It’s a government report, and we know how accurate and honest those have been!!!


  1. The Senate Democrats and President Obama say thus report was justified because we are a nation of laws and we must let everyone know when our nation does something wrong.

    Where we all these people when the IRS problem popped up, or the Libyan incident killed 4 Americans, or “you can keep you doctor”, or the 12 or more times the Supreme Court said Obama overstepped his Presidential authority. Also, when do we get to see the accounting of the $40,000,000.00 that they spent for a 400 page report?

    Is there anyone who doesn’t see the hypocrisy that is now the foundation of our government?


  2. Well written! Obviously this topic will stir emotions…which is what the Dems wanted. What they fail to understand, however is that the really bad stuff was used on really bad people that did really bad stuff to us first. To the people that had anything to do with the planning of 9/11, personally, I can’t think of a torture that would be “crossing the line”. Just sayin’!

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      1. It’s pretty naive of American’s to think that we are not into using ‘severe’ methods to get information from our enemies. However, most American’s have been ‘schooled’ that we are the Good Guys and they are the Barbarians. So, it upsets many folks Delicate Natures to realize (or wake from their sweet coma’s) that we are just as capable of ‘getting our hands dirty’. I won’t pretend to know anything on this subject other than what is common sense. But I think being faced with the ugliness of it it leaves many ‘Sleepy American’s’ asking if we are barbarians as well….Just a thought. But, if our enemies have no fear of what COULD happen to them then how would we ever get the upper hand? I’m not saying I condone it or that I disapprove…I’m just stating the obvious. 🙂


      2. Its a practice that has gone on since pilgrims landed…..and for centuries abroad. You don’t get answers by saying “Would you please tell us everything you know, so we can go kill your people, so your people don’t hurt or kill our people anymore.” You have to use force to force information out of people especially when those people are loyal to their people. LOL, that’s a lot of people.

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