LBJ (Conspirator) AND JFK…..



I have come across a new book; The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ by Roger Stone.    Normally, I would not mention or recommend a book until I have finished reading, then only if I find it a good read.  After reading the introduction, just starting chapter one, I can tell it’s one I will have trouble putting down.  I learned things about LBJ and a few others, surprisingly Nixon; yes RN himself.

On my Nook, the book is 444 pages, so it will take a few days to read; that’s why I thought I would present my discovery to you now, if you didn’t already know.

The JFK assassination has had many theories, tales and a lot of speculation since November 22, 1963 on conspiracies vs. the Lee Harvey Oswald lone assassin.   Personally, and I have friends, including blogger friends who do/will not agree with me; I am convinced more than one individual was involved in Kennedy’s assassination.

In 1968, Roger Stone  mentioned to former Attorney John Mitchell that he might someday write a book on the controversy surrounding JFK’s assassination.   Mitchell suggested that Stone wait until the 50th anniversary.  Roger Stone agreed.

In 1972, I attended a presentation by an independent investigative team on the JFK assassination while a student at Missouri Southern State University.   This team, had all the video, photos….etc and gave a very convincing accounting of the killing.   They believed it was a conspiracy and that Oswald did not act alone, it wasn’t possible.  They didn’t know who fired the shots, but their presentation pretty much blew the Warren Commission’s findings out of the water! I have been fascinated ever since.

I only mention this book now, for those interested.

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