U.S. House Set For Key Health Vote

I saw this headline of a fight that broke out in the Ukraine Parliament; it got me thinking “When was the last time my representative fought for me?


When was the last time our representatives got into a brawl in the House or Senate?   With all the silly crap that goes on, issues to discuss and  debates, you’d think from time to time a punch or two would be thrown from the heat.   Maybe our reps just don’t have enough compassion or loyalty to their constituents to fight for us.

Oh they blame each other for everything, point fingers and maybe occasionally get into some grade school name calling.  You would think that once in a while someone would get tired of some of the ridiculous comments and insults made by congressman when they have the floor, somebody would actually fight for what they believe.  If some of these House and Senate members know that We the People are getting screwed everyday, and debate has no chance, why isn’t anyone sticking up for us.  I am not advocating fist fights everyday in Congress, nothing would get done, they’d have to hire more custodians, they won’t cleanup their own messes.

I was just wondering, we never or seldom hear of a fight in our halls of Congress.   Human emotion, seems unlikely to go and never have any bouts. Are our representatives more pretentious and in bed together even more than we know?  They get along more than they appear to show; they seem to be a very happy club.

If we had a government body that actually made accomplishments, solved problems and showed leadership……..had constructive debates, then no don’t fight; stay the course.

I guess what I am trying to say “Isn’t there someone in Congress as frustrated and angry over the direction of our country as I am…..that I want to punch some of these reps in the mouth?”



  1. Great point!

    When will the fascist Elite 1% in D.C. fight for US? Instead of giving our jobs to Asia to further Jeffrey Sachs’ Progressive Fascist ideals?



  2. They are too busy robbing us to fight each other.

    Others fights may have occurred more recently between our leaders in the halls of Congress, but the last truly violent encounter I know of occurred on May 22, 1856. That was “The Caning of Senator Charles Sumner.” (

    That caning goes back to a time when Washington DC was a still little place. Then, less sophisticated men truly cared about their honor. So when Sumner made the error of insulting a man’s kinsman instead of just condemning the institution of slavery, he infuriated one Southerner enough that that man nearly killed him.

    Curiously, Representative Preston Brooks never suffered any legal punishment. Since it would have violated the etiquette customary of the Senate back then, I doubt that even the Northerners serving in Congress thought Sumner’s speech appropriate. Unfortunately, not too many years latter, the entire country did pay a price, a bloody Civil War.

    That war should teach us to be careful what we wish for. Even though we may wish our congressmen cared enough about our country to fight for it, maybe we should set that concern aside and pray for a Christian revival.


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