Featured Image -- 841You couldn’t pay me enough to be an officer of the law these days.  A few bad apples have made it more difficult for everyone else, which seems too often the case across the board in everyday living.

We want to recruit “better” qualified, unbiased people, young people.  With the disrespect that even our best receive from us, how many will leave for other professions?  It’s a problem, and we aren’t helping the matter.

Ferguson?  Who in their right mind would want to be a cop in Ferguson?   The people want to recruit more black cops.  With the black on black killing being so high (the high majority of the killings), why would a black man or woman want to be a police officer in Ferguson or anywhere in the St. Louis area.  Could being black raise the odds of you being killed, mostly likely by another black?

It’s a problem!


  1. Across this nation Black on Black murders are a very high statistic. They want to paint it as white police are frequently killing unarmed black youth. It is not the case and I wish the black community would take a real look in the mirror. They are killing members of their own color faster than anybody and this has been true for years. Hell I remember driving by the scene of a shooting in Oakland, ca one night and seeing an obviously dead black man laying dead in the street, it was the next day I found out it was Huey Newton who had once championed the Black militia mindset in Oakland and elsewhere. He had been killed by a member of the BGF (Black Gorilla Family) in order for a soldier of that gang to rise in the ranks. Blacks don’t care if they kill their own, it is obvious just look up the murder rate in Chicago alone and sort out the average of that which is black on black. Surely a black cop would be in the same cross hairs and at this point I would wager few if any would be willing to take a job as a police officer now.

    There is an old saying “A dog does not crap where it sleeps.” In the destruction of Ferguson haven’t we seen that saying proven wrong? I would state that Black on Black is probably the highest average, followed closely by brown on brown it has to do with gangs, territory and basically extremely flawed outlook on morals and humanity with a lot of disregard for the importance of human life.

    Check this out; http://heyjackass.com/

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