Getting our priorities straight

An article by Roberto Torres Luzardo on living in Venezuela.

Caracas Chronicles

maduro_villegas_sibciIf you’re Venezuelan (and live here), a good night’s sleep is a rare occurrence.

The other night, because I had just read Ewald Scharfenberg’s piece on how much the government allocated to official media in 2015, a few of my waking madrugada minutes were spent flipping through the Sibci TV channels.

As I cycled through the stations, the figure he mentioned – 3,600,000,000 bolivars – kept ringing in my ears. Should a China-borrowing, tax-increasing, oil-price-dipping, inflation-driven economy be spending hand over fist on this?

Take TV FANB –the TV channel that premiered on February 4th as a much needed space for the Armed Forces to propagandize ([/sarcasm])– was showing a long winded debate about the role accorded to women in the military justice system during the revolution years. Over on ANTV –the National Assembly’s TV Network– Minister Aloha Núñez was praising Chávez’s role in vindicating indigenous peoples.

When the…

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