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It is 7:55 PM CST.   We are just a few moments away from the announcement of the Grand Jury decision in the Michael Brown killing by Officer Darren Wilson.

The local and national media have turned this into a prime time national circus.   Earlier this evening, you could see so-called protesters or maybe just viewers dancing, like this was a celebration.

This national special television event is sickening.


  1. It is under way my friend, I agree with the grand jury decision and never in this country should thug tactics be used to force the outcome of the grand jury. They have proved one thing it was not about justice for Mr. Brown.

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    1. Yes it is underway…..5 businesses in Ferguson burning as I write. One, a Little Ceasar’s Pizza, is totally burned down. A fairly large storage business is badly burning, some of the units are gone already, others only a matter of time, fire dept. can not get there because shots are being fired in that area. So, as of now, its let it burn.
      What’s interesting about some of the witnesses the Jury heard, the witnesses that stated Brown was charging Wilson twice even while Wilson was telling him to stop and he did not, they were black!!!! They also said his hands were never above his head. Wonder what Al Sharpton will have to say about that?
      The Grand Jury did the right thing.

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