It’s difficult to nearly impossible to receive any solid information from public servants, the powers that be in Missouri these days.  Nobody wants to commit or make any announcement when the announcement will take place.   The pre-announcement is important, if not anticipated as the protesters demanded a 48 hour notice on the long expected Grand Jury Decision (known as the “Decision”).   If it is one thing we have learned,  our elected officials in the grand  scheme of things here in the “Show Me State” will negotiate with terrorists……..especially St. Louis mayor SLAY!

Word on the street in the County Seat of Clayton is  the Grand Jury has completed their duties.   Rumor on those same streets is the “Announcement” may come as early as tomorrow/Friday.   That’s plenty of time for the protesters, potential rioters to line up.

The “Show Me State” St. Louis sector is about to go back on the national stage.  This show has been hyped greater than any violent movie advertised out of Hollywood.

Hopefully this stays G rated for family viewing.



      1. Yep, riot organizers have openly/video targeting whites and their children. Organizers have instructed them to go into white areas. Essentially these idiotic organizers are leading them into suicide missions. If they get out of their own comfort zone and move into these white predominate areas, they are going to get themselves killed; especially if they go into the suburbs and rural areas. I don’t think they would be stupid enough to go to the rural areas, this is Missouri, we like to hunt! Got a hand gun in the house, going tomorrow night for a shot gun. Never in my life did I ever dream of having to talk, not about defending myself but, arming myself for a war. Praying this doesn’t blow up like that, and its mostly talk.


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