WE THE PEOPLE and then there is everyone else!!!

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This is not from the Democratic Party (obviously), it’s not from the Republican, Libertarian, Independent or Tea Party.   We are Americans who are sick and tired of the direction people from these parties we trusted and elected have led us.   Saying the right things,  doing nothing and pretending to listen to us to get yourself elected, then acting in your own best interest is no longer acceptable.   You do not act upon the direction of and will of the people.   If we say jump, you better ask how high, but you don’t.

Republican leaders are putting up a false front…..they will do little to stop Obama from his out of control destructive agenda.   Immigration, the borders……you all defy the will of the people.   Elitist, wealthy, we’ve got ours politicians, have driven this country into the sewers.

American middle class and poor (I refuse to use your classification of all those you consider below you as the lower class) must take control of our country.   It begins in the living rooms and kitchen tables across America, we must become more involved.   We must replace those currently in power with commonsense, practical, sincere and HONEST men and women, black, white, Native American and any other legal citizens.

The more we have taken God out of our lives and the life of this country the worse things have gotten.   We need the Pledge of Allegiance back in our schools and the History of Islam and its false religion kept out.  We need “In God We Trust” to remain and the Triangle of the Illuminati removed from the U.S. Dollar.   We must give our all out support to military men and women, and first responders, they are our real heroes, we need them.

We need the executive power stripped from the man who occupies our White House while he finishes his lame term.   Duct Tape Biden’s mouth and place him in a sand box to play all day.   Then, for starters DO NOT ELECT HILLARY CLINTON for anything.   She failed miserably as Secretary of State.   Maybe Hillary could spend her time writing a better book.  How about The Trials and Tribulations of Bill and Hillary!

If the flag and this blog/article offends you……Tuff!

If you agree with the concept, you don’t have to agree with everything I have said, I don’t expect that………REBLOG.



25 thoughts on “WE THE PEOPLE and then there is everyone else!!!”

    1. I read your “Disappointed” article…… Taking someone else’s work, sharing it with the public as if it is yours, what kind of satisfaction can anyone get from that? It’s stealing someones thoughts and mind and pretending it to be your own. When I reblog a post or article, I gain more satisfaction giving credit where the credit is due. Your site is very informative, and I enjoy visiting.

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      1. Thanks, I appreciate that. Yea, after posting documents on scribd.com for years, ever since they first started out, and then to see my own documents with slight changes on them. These people kill me. I put documents out there so that they could be used if someone found a need, but damn, to change the names of people, just on the first page, the rest of the pages had the names I had used. Like William Windsor, contacted me one day, I didn’t know who he was, and told me that he had downloaded and plagiarized some of the documents I had posted on scribd. I said cool, that is why they were there. At least he did not post them on scribd and take credit for writing them. I could not believe scribd’s attitude. They told me that the documents looked like they had been filed into a lawsuit, and that makes them public documents. Well dduuhhh! But that don’t give another user of the site, the right to steal it, and take credit for writing it.


      2. I also meant to say that I agree with you on re-blogging. I always try to show whatever I post, when it is not my own, where it came from and to credit whoever is responsible.


      3. EXACTLY…..But there are some that will copy and then blog and claim as there own. Which I think is stupid….there is always a chance the original author will recognize his own work reappear. How you doing buddy!!!!

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      4. Oh I agree l was on WordPress for three years before I figured out they had a reblog button. 🙂 I used to copy,paste and write credits.


      5. It would never even occur to me to do such a thing! What kind of fulfillment could a person get from it??? I would be unhappy if anyone did it to me so I would never do it to others. I like to copy and paste (always giving credit and am also linked so I couldn’t ‘steal’ it if I tried!) It is just the look I like, to copy and paste, maybe add pics or video. I work hard on the articles I write and know everyone else does too. That is so high school… UGH…


      6. It is called plagiarism and in recent history people at MSNBC and the New York Times have been guilty of it. In reality it is quite common in the blogging community. I really don’t care if anybody decides to use my original writings as long as they give credit and do not attempt to claim it as their own.

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      7. I did a lot of writing in collage and am pretty familiar with plagiarism but just never thought I would hear about it on blogs. It would be far too easy to tell if someone were taking your stuff. Crazy. I am allll for letting anyone use what I write, just give credit where it is due. It’s blows me away to think large networks where guilty of it. Boy, I am naive…UGH. 🙂

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      8. LOL….You all are right at least when you reblog on WP, it auto credits. Lorra, sometimes when I expand on someone else’s story, or pull info, I will state who my sources are and include their link. If I am writing a similar blog or article, I try to add something new, a different perspective, anything that sounds even slightly repeated, I give credit.

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  1. Most of what you say, I agree with fully. The one area of deviation is where you concept of “god” is concerned. Those who are devoutly religious are just as complicit in this problem as any of the political parties – and they are fairly equally represented by Southern Baptists on the left and “Catholics, Protestants, and Jews” on the right. The religious community is tearing us apart by infighting over race, abortion, drugs, and a myriad of other issues that have no root in scripture. So please, stick to the facts on politics and keep god in your church.


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