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I have read the target list the Michael Brown protesters,  agitators made public.   I realize that intimidation is a tactic often used by terrorists groups.  That is what they are becoming or have become.  Maybe they can still determine that by how they present themselves in the coming days.   I don’t have confidence they will show much dignity however, and apparently neither does our Governor.

Protesters stated weeks ago if Darren Wilson was not arrested, rioting and looting to follow would be unlike anything seen in St. Louis, without any regards to the officer’s innocence or guilt.  Recently, the protesters have stated “looting and violence can not be ruled out; that violence and looting is a tool for those without a voice.”  So, that being said these disturbance agitators can be labeled as riot organizers.  Protesting is one thing, anything beyond that with the “tools” they intend to use is rioting and criminal.  Governor Nixon took their word for it, he doesn’t trust them…..and it is life and property he must protect,  therefore he activated the National Guard.  The organized agitators accuse the Governor of starting a war, with the show of that nasty word militarization.   Really, what they want is a free gallop through the streets, looting, burning without interference.  That shows the mentality of what we are dealing with.

Targeting companies, most of which are outside of Ferguson and have absolutely nothing to do with Michael Brown’ s death; is to prove what?   Included on that list are hospitals, children’s hospitals as well.   Targeting these establishments and institutions, especially where people are being cared for, with the threat of violence, that most certainly will start a war.   Law enforcement and Guard members will be the least of the rioters concern.  There is a population out there that will not put up with that and just stand by.

Once again, those stirring the pot over the flame are racial agitators from outside Ferguson, some from out-of-state.   Their interest is to create further division between the races, to start a war.   We are very close to having just that.  There may be some short-term benefits that come out of this, but the long-term, nothing good will come from violence in our communities.  This is no longer about Ferguson, all this for a scapegoat and vengeance.



  1. Those who wish to act like terrorists should be treated as such. There is no acceptable excuse, to riot or anything else over the Michael Brown Grand Jury decision. They don’t have to like it, and I hope to God that any one of them that attempts to target a Hospital learns the lesson of their pitiful lives. What disgusts me is Brown’s Parents have done nothing to stop this Bull Crap.


      1. Me too my friend the idea any innocent person could be at risk because of these animals almost makes me want to be violent.


  2. So they are going to riot, look and who knows what else, and they want me to support them? If anything, they have made me only think of them as spoiled brats who throw a tantrum if they don’t get their way.

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  3. And of course the answer to this is simple. Hospitals simply refuse to treat the injured rioters (and you know there will be plenty) since they’ve targeted hospitals. Physician, heal thyself!


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