This video  (the link below) of KISS in Iraq with our troops speaks for itself.  It is worth 5 min. of your time.   I’f you are American l bet your eyes get moist!


  1. Moist eyes??? I can barely contain myself when I have to sing the star spangled banner I love this country so much and the people who make up our military.

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    1. Remembering the Bob Hope trips he did during Christmas for the troops, to Vietnam……I miss those. Nobody entertained them better and they all loved him. You didn’t get through those without tears, if you care at all.

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    2. I’m with you there, Basharr! On my ministry site, I have all the verses of the Star Spangled Banner! Did you know there were more verses that just the one we know? Francis Scott Key wrote a very lengthy poem as he sat in that prison cell on that ship. If you are interested in checking it out, and you may have to search since there are over 20 pages so far! If you do stop by, please leave a comment so I know you were there and let me know what you think!

      I need help in uploading media…. its actually wordpress! I just cannot get it to upload a photo or a song. I wanted to post a Veterans’ Day post and have Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” playing in the background. I couldn’t upload the song either. I can’t upload my logo either! Any suggestions from you two brilliant men would be greatly appreciated!


      1. Find the song on YouTube look for the share tab, click imbed, copy the highlighted text post it on your blog in a new post.:-)


  2. Ok From a die hard KISS fan from the beginning that was very cool.Of course the only original member present was Gene Simmons. It still rocked and I am glad to see my Band help make a difference and thank the greatest people in this country, the military who serve to keep us safe.

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    1. I loved the way Gene Simmons gave honor to each of the branches and then sang God bless America! He could have chosen to sing the National Anthem but he chose God Bless America! THAT moved me the most!

      He ROCKED IT!

      When my son was deployed, they didn’t get to have any USO tours, et al as they were advancing on foot into Iraq. I’m so glad that the troops over there get the encouragement and the honor that they deserve! And it shouldn’t be just one day, but EVERY day!


      1. I saw the navy seal last night on TV He talked with families who lost loved ones on 911 A man thanked him for what he did and told him he himself had served in VietNam. The navy seal thanked him for his service and said when you returned home you were not treated well and because of how you were treated we are treated good today.


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