I have been an artist, for nearly 20 years now…..I’m 62 so started late.  I am a painter, oil being my medium of choice.   For the most part I am self-taught and was satisfied as long as I was improving.  Got to a point where I was stuck in neutral, I was no longer picking up on tips or tricks of the trade.  I met a lady who taught and charged a ridiculous $3.00 per 2 hour lesson; obviously not doing it for money.  I learned a lot from this wonderful artist.

I paint mostly landscapes; many with golf scenes.  My problem is if I can’t visually picture what I want to paint, I don’t put anything on the canvas.   I’ve tried just winging it, throw paint down and see what comes out, usually something ugly.   I normally have it in the trash shortly after I begin.  I can go days sometimes months and do not paint…….maybe a lack of creativity, or just painter’s block.   When I have an inspiration, an idea, I can put out some good stuff.   When I don’t, it looks like grade school work.

Suddenly it hits me, today after years working like this, when stuck in one place, take what you’ve done, give it a different perspective, new tone.  Take that painting of the moonlight shining on the green, with the shadow of the stick and flag from the Summer, redo into a late Winter with melting snow……birds preying for worms around the green.   We are always learning.

I also learned watching the late Bog Ross.

7 thoughts on “PAINTER’S BLOCK”

  1. Arlin you are a great artist. I loved Bob Ross too…he was always hiding a little bush behind an old cabin. His talking made watching him well worth the time.


  2. Pretty little trees…Sleepy old barn… Bob Ross was awesome he could make something so beautiful in no time at all. I have been an artist for most of my life, Not an oil painter but a skin scribe so to speak. I did Derma Graphics (Tattoos)for about 30 have a great idea in change of perspective I have a huge binder of black ink art I drew over the years and there are many pictures that I never finished because I ran up against a brick wall in my mind. I have pretty much hung up my tattoo work because my eyes are pretty bad and glasses annoy me. I do however still draw from time to time, My wife loves dolphins and I stepped outside of my skulls and crossbones to create a cartoonish dolphin I called Binky that she framed…lol We are always learning.


    1. Good stuff…..seems like you and your wife have a great relationship. That’s great.
      I have one painting of a wolf’s head slightly behind some leaves of a tree, you see mostly the eyes, and when you move the eyes follow you. The lady I took lessons from didn’t know how I achieved that, she said only the Dutch painters knew the secret. It was an accident on my part.
      I have another of this white cowboy hat in some dark grass, like it lies near an edge of a cliff….in the distance you see just a slight impression of mountains, trees and brush. The hat has three yellow roses in the brim….. other than the white hat, all the other colors, the background in particular is earth tone colors. It’s my masterpiece.


      1. That link is interesting…, the way they tracked the wolf. We have quite a few wolves in Missouri, they pretty well stay away from the population other than occasionally raiding some farms. Coyotes on the other hand….I live in a subdivision just outside of a town in southwest St. Louis County. I have seen a few coyotes come through some common ground between my home and neighbors in the back. My neighbor told me he watched from his back deck one day a couple coyotes eyeing Sky (my Siberian). Sky knew they were there and just went down to the edge of her yard near the fence, lay on a high spot and stalked them. He said the coyotes didn’t act like they wanted to try get to her but they were interested in her, but nervous at the same time. They’ve been known to carry smaller dogs off from yards around here.


      2. When I lived about 20 miles up the mountain from here we could hear the coyotes every night down at the train yard howling and such. We also had a neighbor who had two dogs taken by Mountain Lions. It is their world we have just taken over much of it.

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      3. Search for a man named Shaun Ellis on youtube he has integrated himself into a pack of wolves he shares an amazing bond with some awesome animals. “A man Among Wolves” is one of his best videos.

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