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Barack Obama is rolling up his sleeves, set to by-pass Congress.  Obama lost some buddies in the House and the Senate last night.  How will that affect this President of Arrogance?   It will make him more reckless, more dangerous.  Obama has 2 years left to finish his agenda of destroying our nation.

The term Lame-Duck never had more significance, and is totally fitting for what will come.  Obama is rolling up his sleeves, the veto pens are all laid out before him on his desk in the Oval Office.   Executive Orders, a dictators best friend are about to roll at a historical rate.   Obama’s arrogance and defying attitude are about to go extreme.

We will find out if our Congress has any integrity at all left.   They are capable of stopping this maniac, it only takes a little conviction, loyalty to the people.  We are about to find where they and we stand, either together or divided.


    1. Me too Dennis but one thing that we know for sure…we Cannot count on the other side at all.The bonus is we have stripped Harry Reid of his ability to shut down any and all legislation at his own desire.

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    2. McConnell should have been beaten in a primary. He is still a back room politician. Boehner wasn’t up for re-election…..we can definitely do better. We should find out if their listening to us …… and not Obama.


  1. I am taking up a donation fund, if we can collect enough money through donations to put Obama on the golf course for the next two years we as a nation can find our way back to the values that made America great. Or we could title all legislation “free cash” and Obama would never veto it.

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    1. Interesting read but I felt Bill and Hillary got slapped down last night, the people were obviously not overly swayed by the Clintons who had been stumping hard for candidates that did not fare well. I think Scott Walker may be the nemesis Hillary Hillary cannot overcome. Walker has things to boast about, Hillary has what? Dead Americans and an uneventful political career unless we count her scandals. I could be wrong, but I hope not.


      1. Oh, I thought they got slapped down as well. I’m not buying into “Hillary was the real winner of the Mid-term elections”. Nope, I believe last night was as much about a vote against Hillary as well. It was a statement.


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