6 thoughts on “On the Ninth Day”

  1. I have to find a ride to vote on Tuesday for my Governor Scott Walker and whoever else in on the ballot. My husband thinks Rep. Paul Ryan is too but I don’t think he is but I don’t know. The only political ad that I have seen is on Fox News ( which really surprised me) and on A&E and its a smear campaign against Gov. Scott Walker. I need someone that can lift my wheelchair into my Durango and out, etc. so I can vote. I don’t trust the absentee ballots and said as much on the phone when they called to send me one. I just don’t trust that my ballot will be put through if its opened by someone that is opposing. There is so much voter fraud, I’d rather go and vote on the day!

    Perhaps my son will take me before he goes to work. My father-in-law is willing to drive me but I am afraid he won’t be able to get the chair back in as it is rather heavy.

    Gotta get out the vote!!!


      1. Not to my knowledge. But my father-in-law lives nearby and is willing to come take me to the polling place and get me back before the RN comes to see me! Thank God for my wonderful in-laws! They are a true blessing! Just this morning I woke up hallucinating my mother-in-law in my kitchen. Then when I asked her if I was hallucinating her and she didn’t respond, I was so bummed! LOL I was hoping she was really here! 🙂 The meds I’m on at night can cause hallucinations so I have to just check first to be sure if what I’m seeing is for real! I was disappointed this time as she usually brings along some goodies! 🙂


  2. This was great except that God would never have created a Liberal, only the devil would and has. So to give that ‘credit’ to God is misplaced… SATAN CREATED LIBERALS! MWAHAHAHAHA No, seriously, he’s the one behind them. Just like he’s behind the Jihadists. All the evil in this world is attributed to Satan as there is nothing evil in God!

    Nice piece though! 🙂


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