blood on their hands benghazi

The blood is not their blood, but that of four Americans that they did not protect or support.  There has been greater outcry over Ferguson than Benghazi; that is disturbing.

I would bet, that if either Barack or Hillary (wow sounds like a couple doesn’t it; wonder what Bill or Michelle think?  Bill might get excited.) so much as got a scratch, they would cry like a colicky baby.

Thinking about becoming a diplomat or foreign ambassador representing your country?   Ambassador Stevens loved his country and was proud; that is the way he felt as he was relaxing in his room at the consulate in Benghazi before it was attacked.   I can only imagine what went through his mind, when he/they ask for help for more security but were denied not once but three times.  I wonder what he would have thought had he still been alive when the security he had been ordered, to “stand down” and not proceed to the location of the ambassador.

Would you want to be in this position knowing you did not have the support of your president or state department led by Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton?   Really, think about it just for a moment America………..would you want in that position with their lack-of-leadership?  No leadership; they are followers.  They are following their mentor, Saul “I want to destroy America” Alinsky.  They are like worms, crawling on their worthless bellies, low lives.  If you think I am being overly sarcastic…..okay, but I have no respect for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.   They are the enemies of this country.   ISIS has done nothing compared to what this pair has brought on our country.

Barack,  and I am sure Hillary as well, love it that there are plenty of other distractions which they hope keeps America’s mind off the tragic yet preventable attack on our people in Benghazi.

I and many others just like me, and there are many, are not going to allow the events of 9/11/2012  in Benghazi disappear until Obama and H. Clinton are held accountable.  NEVER!  BARACK AND HILLARY,  IT ISN’T GOING AWAY.   I realize you won’t be looking over your shoulder, neither of you has a conscious.   Your names will forever go down in history as being associated and responsible for the deaths of four Americans.


  1. Honestly I cannot fathom how it must have felt for our people in Benghazi, expecting backup that never came. The thought alone is almost un-American yet it happened they were left to fend for themselves you are right Hillary nor Obama has a conscience for if they did none of us would be talking about the failure in Benghazi that cost American lives. Great post.


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