Sky is a 12 years young female Siberian Husky.    Sky was born in southeast Iowa and her registered name is Blackhawk’s Gray Sky.   Sky was given to me as a gift from my mother and has been with me since she was only a few weeks old.  We reside in St. Louis County, Missouri.

Sky has had a good, happy life.  She is in excellent health, never being sick a day in her life, that she let on anyway.  Hopefully we’ll have a few more years together.  A Siberian Husky has a life span of 12-15 years.

We have a large chain-link fenced in yard, which is Sky’s domain, her territory, her country sort of speak.  She has lots of room to run, which a Husky loves, to play and roam freely.   The fence is Sky’s boundary, her border, she has rules, some mine and some hers, mostly hers.    She stays within her boundaries, usually, which is my rule.   Sometimes from curiosity and instinct she finds away out of the yard, that is another story.   When she does, she spends a few hours with County Animal Control, as she has broken others trespass rights and the leash law.   I get a call (she is chipped) and go rescue her, while paying the fine.   However, the older Sky has gotten the more abiding she is to the rules and the law.   She realizes, she has it good in her own little country.

The border surrounding Sky’s country is secure.   The gates are closed and locked.   There are predators out there that try to invade Sky’s home, sometimes to harm her, sometimes to take what is not theirs.   The fence is a resource we provided her for protection, and it keeps some of the danger from entering, but not all.   Burglars, (furry animals wearing a mask) or raccoons climb over, only to be surprised by the one dog Border Patrol.   Vandals, such as possums have yet to learn they can not enter and destroy a protected border. This patrol officer has no sympathy for violators, they are eliminated.   There is no amnesty……violators are not given room and board or any healthcare.   Unfortunately, under Sky’s law, they are not returned back from where they came.   They are destroyed, that is her survival instinct.

Occasionally Sky leaves her yard for neighborhood walks, she is however, under control.   Her neighbors love her to visit, but she always goes home (of course she is on a leash).  She is friendly, loving.   She shares her yard with squirrels that come from the outside, they are welcome as long as they follow her rules; don’t dig where she has her belongings buried (or its adios).  If you come to harm her or take (try to take) what belongs to her, you are no longer welcome.

We can learn a great deal from our canine friends.   Our borders should be so secure.



2 thoughts on “SKY: ONE DOG BORDER PATROL”

  1. Very cool name for your girl. Our Basset’s fathers registered AKC name is Sad Eyes Master Motley. We had a husky/wolf mix named Poe she was a wonderful loving dog who was a natural tracker. One day when she was about 3 years old she got on the couch in the living room and never left the couch again until I took her to the vet.She had Something called AIHA and she passed in less than 24 hours. I mention this to you because our vet at the time said it hit Huskies pretty often. I sure miss that girl.


    1. I know there are a couple of diseases that hit Huskies in particular… far all has been good. She is slowing down due to age, but still loves to run and play and stalk her yard.
      Bassets are cool dogs too, a friend of mine had one. I can see where the Sad eyes comes from, thats how they look.

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