Yep, I am a Cardinal fan.  I have been all my life and I am 62.  When we win a series like we did tonight, I still act like the kid from 1964 when we beat the Yankees in the World Series.   I remember running outside jumping up and down. I was only 12 then.  It was the first world championship I remember as a Cards fan.  We haven’t won the World Series yet this year, we aren’t even there yet.  We know not to get ahead of ourselves, when you do, bad things happen.

Tonight we (the Cardinals) beat the L.A. Dodgers 3-2 to win the divisional series.  We will now face the winner of the San Francisco Giants vs. Washington Nationals series.

I must admit, we are spoiled in St. Louis. We expect to be here. However, beating the Dodgers and their best pitcher, the best pitcher in all of baseball twice in the same series, is exciting……..for us.  What makes it fun, is knowing you had to beat one of the best, otherwise, what is it worth?

If we make it to, and I am confident we will, the 2014 World Series, we will have only gotten there because we beat what may be the best team, outside of the Cards of course, the Dodgers.  The Dodgers have great pitching, and a scary lineup from top to bottom.  The Cardinals had to play their best baseball of the year to win this National League Divisional Series.

I grew up in Union, Missouri.  A small community 45 min. from St. Louis.   I went to Sportsman’s Park to watch Stan the Man Musial.  I watched Lou Brock tie the base stealing record from the center field bleacher seats in Busch Stadium.  Was there when Jim Edmonds beat the Astros on an extra inning home run during the National League Playoffs, only to see us lose to Boston in the World Series via standing room.

We are Cardinal Nation and winning never gets old.

To the little boy in L.A. that was making the Sign of the Cross and praying his beloved Dodger blue would pull out a win  in game Two; I understand; been there done that.  I know you are disappointed. You’ll have your day soon.  You’ll never forget what you saw.  Winning is great, but someday the memory of being there will be what stands out.

I have to say this: Go Cards!  We are Cardinal Nation.   It must be October!

17 thoughts on “CARDINALS MOVE ON”

  1. Congrats on the win! St. Louis has a great baseball team. One bone of contention my friend…you said you beat the best pitcher in baseball twice in the same series….I didn’t think you were playing the Tigers??? (Wink, wink)


    1. I have to admit, I got a little tired of hearing the national media pushing Kershaw, Kershaw, Kershaw like he walked on water. Would love to have him though.
      If Mattingly had stuck to his game plan, he was originally going to pull him after 90 pitches last night; had he done so, we may be going back to LA for game 5. Dodgers were out coached as well.


    1. Oh wow…..I should have known my post would be read by a Dodger fanatic. Winning means nothing unless you beat a great team. A lessor team what does that prove? I didn’t want it going 5 games, we have trouble with Greinke, even when he was in KC. Not sure why we handle Kershaw, not easy, but get to him. Mattingly should consider pitching Greinke in Games 1 and 4 against STL. Great post by the way…….not surprised you despise STL, many do. Your bull pen could use a little help. Maybe we trade Rosenthal to you, better have some Pepto Bismol on hand.


      1. Yup! In hindsight Greinke should’ve pitched games 1 and 4. Your hitters came up clutch in this series. Carpenter was huge hitting a home run in three out of the four games. Cardinals are Kershaw kryptonite. Dodgers do need to fix the bullpen. Good luck to guys in the rest of the playoffs. I’ll be rooting for the Royals now btw.


      2. Game 1, Saturday, October 11, 5:07 PM on FOX
        Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri

        We are pitted against each other Giants baby!!! =)


      3. Yeah Football in my passion but love to see the giants or A’s doing well I was bay area born and raised. Just decided at some point the mountains was where I wanted to call home.


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