ISIS to attack US with Ebola? report claims jihadists ‘to send infected militants’ to America to spread disease

Talk is talk…….and some of it cheap. To ignore these kind of threats would be reckless, naive and just plain stupid. ISIS has made many threats at killing Americans and destroying America. We can not take their threats lightly. A threat is a threat. If a man stood before me or publicized from a distance that he wanted to break my neck, I would be foolish just to push it off as just talk. We must protect our borders, even if that means being politically incorrect and yes profile. It is time Americans were protected and that we defend ourselves AT ALL COSTS.

The Extinction Protocol

October 2014HEALTHIf latest reports are to be believed, the Islamic State militants might be conspiring to deliberately infect jihadists with the deadly Ebola virus and send them to America in order to spread the disease in the US – an event that could see America being attacked in a new pseudo-war. The Israeli News Agency, a site which claims to be Israel’s first online news organization has confirmed the authenticity of the report saying it “clears all news items relating to Israeli security with the Israel government press office.” The agency said, citing “Israeli security sources,” that dozens of ISIS fighters in Syria have fallen ill and had symptoms of Ebola. This news quickly ignited a new conspiracy theory claiming that ISIS is planning to send Ebola-infected militants into the US to spread the disease. “While Western nations fighting the Islamic State might consider this reported…

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2 thoughts on “ISIS to attack US with Ebola? report claims jihadists ‘to send infected militants’ to America to spread disease”

  1. Ebola, Dengue Fever, Malaria, and the new respiratory disease that attacks children in forty states and now has entered Canada are the new facts of life for our nation under Obama. He pledged to change the nation and he sure has. Diseases that we eradicated decades ago are resurging like the TB infections in Texas.

    So let us take a short step back in time. My Grandfather, Victor L. Nelson, was in the Navy during WWI and stationed at Great Lakes Naval base in North Chicago, Illinois. It was the end of the war, but the Spanish Influenza had been brought back from Europe. An estimated 40 million people died world wide and he told me the coffins on the base were stacked 10 feet high everywhere. He survived the ordeal.

    Now during WWII his son and my Father went into the Navy and he was based in Recife, Brazil in anti-submarine warfare. The war against Germany ended and Mrs. Roosevelt came down to meet the troops and announce her plans that every soldier returning from service south of the equator should wear a special yellow ribbon on their uniform to let everyone know stateside that they had been exposed to malaria. She was roundly booed and the press covered up the incident. When I was growing up there were several diseases running rampant in the US. If you contracted whooping cough there was a sign on the door of the house and no one came in or out until it was eradicated. When I was in kindergarten the Hong Kong flu hit and public events were cancelled until it burned itself out. Polio was conquered when all citizens went to the high school and ate the sugar cube with the medicine. We had shots administered at the public school twice a year for potential diseases and boy did I hate it when I entered school in the morning and smelled the alcohol, because it was shot day.

    All of that has changed because the president of
    our nation declared that he wanted to fundamentally change the Nation and he has. He has opened the borders to allow third world diseases that once eradicated or we
    were never exposed to now infect the nation.

    The simple medical rational to contain a virus which means to quarantine the infected area cannot be permitted. If you stop flights from Ebola infected countries than you would also have to shut down the US southern border and prevent illegals crossing our border because they may be infected with Dengue fever, Malaria, and a myriad of other diseases like TB that was once eradicated in the US.

    I propose two solutions. First, we should welcome them and set up centers in the communities that compromise the top 1% of wealth in the US. If the elites think open borders are great than let us set up centers in Ladue, Mo, Clayton, Mo,
    Winnetka, Illinois, Aurora, Colorado, Aspen, Colorado, Manhattan, New York, Beverly Hills, California, San Francisco, California,
    and Seattle, Washington. On top of that all elected officials must send their children to the public schools with these new potential citizens.


    So let’s us do it the old fashioned American way, we sue you.

    What organization paid for the ticket to get the Ebola infected man to Texas? Find out and we the citizens of that municipality, county, and state that are paying for the care sue the organization that paid for his ticket we sue you. We not only sue the organization, but we sue every director on the board, personally. The judge in Texas driving around with potentially infected people at press conferences should be sued as a government official and personally. There are one Million attorneys in the US and most need a good paying case. Who is paying for the hospital care, clean-up, security, legal bills, and all the other costs? The taxpayer and they should want their money back. I would sue the nation of Liberia and the airlines. Maybe that would teach the airlines companies not to provide airline service to west Africa. Besides, what does the US need from west Africa?

    Most Respectfully,

    Rick K. Nelson


    1. I remember the days of getting the vaccinations at school!
      No, we need nothing from West Africa.
      Some of us have been preaching for months the insecure border carries disease; the administration is well aware.


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