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To our Military Men and Women:

By now you are aware of the type of commander-in-chief you serve under.   We the People know you serve your country.   We appreciate and support you, whether your commander does or not.  You show greater courage, patience and more importantly courage than the oneness that wants to divide you.   What he does not get is, his disrespect will only draw your troops and branches closer to one another and strengthen you within.  The insults and disrespect he shows towards you is unfortunately shared by all of you.  If it is the desire of the POTUS to drag your morale to a lower state, he doesn’t understand the meaning of being united.  Most Americans are proud of our Military.   The 65% that disapprove of the POTUS approve and respect our military.   I am sure your popularity is closer to 90%.

Hang in there, it is We the People that need to come to your rescue now.  We will be electing a new president soon.  Pray that we do a better job than we have and give you a Commander-in-Chief you can be proud to serve under.

Thank you and God Bless you all.  Be safe.




  1. Arlin, as the mother of an Army 82nd Airborne Iraqi Freedom when there were no tents, no computers, no communications back to home as they convoyed into Iraq from Kuwait, I not only give you a sound HOORAH! but an even sounder AMEN! I know the POTUS doesn’t have any respect for our servicemen and women, unless its a photo op, and our military knows he thinks of them, so thank you for letting them know how We, the People, feel!


    1. You are most welcome. This fake leader we have infuriates me, especially the way he is with the military. I can only imagine what some of the men are really thinking and what they would like to do. I have nothing good to say about Obama. I didn’t like Clinton……but this piece of garbage needs to be taken to the dump.

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      1. Amen! My son in law is Navy Reserve and though he’s “guarded” in what he says, I don’t think he’s very happy with this leadership. He spent Obama’s first year in office in Iraq. I think he would agree with you! (he’s the guy that lives in St. Charles!)

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      2. Yeah, my son was a Staff Sgt. in the Army, mostly under Bush. He was 2 deployments in Afghanistan then later one in Iraq. I think he got a portion of Obama, but spent most his last year or two in Hawaii. He was trying to get past a couple of injuries to go back……but they wouldn’t let him go back for another deployment. He has some arthritis issues, and they couldn’t provide the meds to sustain him there. His body took a pretty good pounding in the Afghan mountains. He lead a patrol of building and cave search and destroys. They loved Bush. Nobody talks about Obama. My daughter lives in St. Charles. Its a great area.

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