It’s the first Sunday of the 2014 NFL season.   I haven’t had many visitors or viewers today on my blogs………too busy watching games I guess.

Are people more interested in National League Football than they are with what else is going on in the world or their country?   This is an unofficial survey.   I have only been blogging for 2 months, but, this is my first Sunday during the NFL season, and my blogging numbers have dropped off significantly.   I was just curious, what do you think?

10 thoughts on “NFL OPENING SUNDAY”

      1. Oh well…….since we lost Bradford, again for the season, kind of expected it to go this way.

        Thank heavens we have are St. Louis Cardinals. Ohhhhh….you are probably a Brewers fan?


  1. You should do an unofficial survey! The world stops for football, Arlin! Even preachers time their sermons so the congregations can get out on time! Its a crying shame, if you ask me, but no one asks me! LOL
    I’m sure my hubby is watching some game. Our team got their a$$ handed to them by the Sea Hawks which I did not watch. I’d rather be blogging or reading other people’s blogs and reblogging, or just commenting! If I could talk to you in private I would tell you what’s been going on online with me lately! You would get a kick out of it! Happy Sunday, Arlin! Hope Mom is doing well!


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