OBAMA or ISIS? Flip a coin!


ISIS already works within the United States, their greatest ally resides at the White House, you know his name……Barack Hussein Obama.

We the United States of America, are without a president.   The Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS have  an ambassador to the U. S.  in Obama, and like any ambassador, his allegiance is to those he represents.  Obama’s interests is in Islam not the U.S.

Who is more destructive to our nation, Obama and his non-policy agenda, which is his hidden agenda or the ISIS?   Flip a coin!

9 thoughts on “OBAMA or ISIS? Flip a coin!”

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    Obama is the enemy – plain and simple. Why is it people could not see this and some don’t even see it now – cause they are cowards and are sheep who go along with the crowd.



  2. One in the same, just a different name. By the way I would like to take a minute to thank people here who have reblogged some of my posts, I appreciate the traffic and am trying to catch up on replies while I am finishing up work on my critical thinking class.


  3. I’ve said for some time (agreeing with dead Commie Nikita Khrushchev) that America will be “destroyed from within”. The Democrats are the Socialist Democrats and their ‘leader from behind’, IS on the “wrong side of history’ — which is opposing what is best for America. ISIS (aka al Qaeda) will hit America again… Hussein will hold great responsibility for such horror. He’ll blame someone else. He is an evil man.


    1. I agree, and I believe if it is possible he is beyond evil. I pulled into a store parking lot today and there was a white SUV in a parking stall the side windows on both sides were painted and both said “Impeach Obama For Treason” It is sometimes heartening to see other people see the damage being done to this Nation.

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      1. I’m afraid the damage he and the Dems have done, won’t be repaired either. Too weak sissy Republicans, worried about simply keeping their job. Bam is evil — no one can do and say what he has, about the greatest nation earth has seen, and not have evil designs. But, I’m a Christian and know all is in God’s hands.

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