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White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that the crisis of unaccompanied minors at the southern border is over “for now” on Friday.

Earnest cautioned that “these numbers are very volatile,” and pointed out that the hotter summer weather is part of the reason for the decrease in unaccompanied minors, but credited actions taken by the Obama administration for the reduction in unaccompanied minors at the border, saying, “There is no doubt that the administration has made a substantial contribution to the reduction in those numbers.”

He also blamed House Republicans for being “engaged in a pretty coordinated effort to prevent … resources [for the border] from being provided.”      by Ian Hanchett at

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Let’s take a look at these latest comments from the White House.   Press secretary Josh Earnest is the spokesperson for Obama.   This is Obama speaking.

“The crisis of unaccompanied minors at the southern border is over “for now” –   1)  No, he didn’t say that did he?    Children at the border is only part of the problem.   There are teens in gangs, there are cartel members and now reports and warnings have been issued that the ISIS are in the area, making threats of crossing into U.S. to inflict  car bombings and terror; they claim to be in our cities.

“these numbers are very volatile,” and as Ian Hanchett states Earnest pointed out that the hotter summer  weather is part of the reason for the decrease in unaccompanied minors” –  2) Are you kidding me?  These minors are from Mexico, Central and South America, they are accustomed to hot weather.   That is a pretty lame search for justifying a ridiculous comment.  It gets even better!

“There is no doubt that the administration has made a substantial contribution to the reduction in those numbers.”  3)  What contribution?    Obama has gone nowhere near the border, has taken absolutely no action.   Remember, he (Obama) was going to address the border later this summer.

No crisis for now?    This following the reports and warnings of traveling below the border due to the believed presence of ISIS members, along with threats against the U.S.   Good to know everything is looking good to Obama on the southern border.   It must be just as he had hoped.

This comes from the White House after Obama’s “We don’t have a strategy” statement.   That America is an admission of stupidity.




  1. I agree with you. Have you ever been south of the border in summer. REALLY, the heat is stopping them. When they cross over they get air conditioning,,…unheard of where they come from. ISIS has me very concerned and we should all be vigilant. Thank you.


    1. Marilyn is my neighbor, great friend, and gives lots of time and money to support our Vets. We agree on most things, except her worries about our southern border. It is wide open with no laws on either side and that is the way the leaders of both countries want it. I can go down to El Paso Texas, buy a Texas fishing license and fish for white bass in the Rio Grande river. If I hook a large trophy bass and I enter the river to fight the fish, no problem. If the trophy bass drags me past that invisible line in the river that divides the US and Mexico, not a problem. If I put my foot down on Mexican soil to land the fish, still no problem. No game wardens will appear from either side of the Rio Grande and I will not have to forfeit all my fishing equipment or face criminal charges in Mexico. That is great if I plan to fish down there, but I am not. I want to fish in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area which is more than 1,700 square miles that border the US and Canada. My Dad took me there on a canoe fishing trip in 1962, with three other teachers. We left Antioch, Illinois as soon as the graduation event was over at the high school and it was the first week in June. We drove straight through to Ely, Minnesota stopping just for gasoline, coffee, and a slice of pie in Virginia, Minnesota. We had two cars and one carried Mr. Good’s canoe on the roof, but we needed to stop in Ely and rent a second canoe. We had licenses to fish in Canada and we had paid for a permit to camp in the Canadian side of the BWCA. We had no incidents or problems. Now I am planning to retrace that same trip in August of 2015 with one of my sons and the rules have really changed. If we violate any rule we may have all our fishing equipment confiscated and financial fines or worse. We have to apply for a permit to enter the Canadian side of the BWCA by January or the few permits will probably be gone. We plan to go by canoe leaving from John Herrick’s Moose Bay Lodge northeast of Ely right on Moose Lake. If we plan to dip our lines on the US side we will need US fishing licenses. We will need fishing permits to enter into BWCA, Canadian fishing licenses, and a permit to camp. You may only camp at one site for 14 days and then you better be gone. The Canadians have plenty of planes in the air checking on you and when entering Canadian customs you must give them your itinerary. If you miss the day your permit states you cannot enter and kiss it good by for another year. There are several points of entry and we used Prairie Portage in 1962 and plan to do the same. This presents many legal dilemmas because our gear, canoe, and the two of us will be ferried up to Prairie Portage by a boat powered by a 25 HP motor(25 HP is Max allowed) We cross the portage and the Boat, canoe and gear stay on the US side while we report to the Canadian Customs office and fill out more forms, present our prepaid permits, and listen to the Canadian lecture us in a very condescending voice. Next we return to the US side and more legal dilemmas. The motor powered boat takes us up to Washington Island, but can go no further because it would cross a special line that separates the invisible line between US and Canadian waters where motors are allowed and on the other side only paddle powered canoes. Sails are not even allowed. We can be in US waters, but only canoes are allowed. So the best plan is to head east to Canada paddling your canoe. Now we set up camp, but the planes will keep tabs on us to make sure we do not stay longer in one site for more than 14 days. Our trip is over and we paddle back to the Canadian Customs office back at Prairie Portage. We cannot enter the US side without a US passport. If we lost our passports, what would happen to us? Would Canadian authorities turn us over to ICE, or would my son and I seek asylum in Canada. I Commend the Canadians for protecting their border and their natural resources. In fact if I were to die during the trip my son would have to remove my body back to the US. As a contrast there are no rules on the southern border and the dead bodies of those entering our country illegally can just be left for the kind(and broke US) counties collect and bury them. The Leaders of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland and Japan all have a backbone and protect their nations from an illegal invasion. We will wake up soon when MS-13 members show up at your family BBQ. Americans are kind and generous sometimes to a fault, but the worm is turning and events are going to take a dark turn soon to save OUR culture and nation.

      And Marilyn, I can’t mow your yard for another month because you can outwork me and put me to shame. Also, fish in Canada and boycott Mexico for your next vacation.

      Most Respectfully,

      Rick K. Nelson

      Rick K. Nelson


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