Reflecting on the Tragedy in Ferguson: I’m tired of people like you, Mr. Granderson

This a day old, but needs repeating. There is nothing I can add.

A Future Free

I once had a Twitter argument with someone who – during the Trayvon Martin incident – wrote off my point of view almost immediately because I was just some white girl who didn’t know what it was like to walk around as a black person and fear for my life.

The man had a point, but certainly not the one he was trying to make with me.

According to the latest full-year FBI crime statistics compilation, 2,648 black Americans were murdered in the 2012 calendar year. Here’s the shocker: of the 2,648 black murder victims, 2,412 were murdered by a member of their own race. Just 193 of the killings were perpetrated by a white person. (Incidentally, in the same year, 480 more white Americans were murdered than black Americans.)

Louis Head, stepfather to 18-year-old Michael Brown who was fatally shot by police, holds a sign in Ferguson, Mo…

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4 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Tragedy in Ferguson: I’m tired of people like you, Mr. Granderson”

  1. There is no outrage they are killing off their own race from the race baiters. Wfere is Sharpton on these statistics? They are quiet because there is nobody to blame but themselves. Did you catch Jessie Waters segment last night almost every person he interviewed in Fergasun said the cop should be convicted without a trial.

    Working on a post about Pelosi’s daughter, kind of shocking.


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