Hey Missouri!  Good morning.  Have you heard much from your United States Senators lately, Roy Blunt or Clare McCaskill?  No, you haven’t.  Do you feel like you are getting very good representation, any?

It isn’t unusual for Roy to be silent……we don’t hear much from him, just on occasion.  Now Clare, that is a different matter.  I give her credit for fighting campus sexual assaults.   When it comes to the issues of Barack Obama, and with all the controversy of Benghazi, Iraq, Israel, etc., etc., etc., Clare has hidden in the closet and won’t come out.  Clare, we don’t understand……you campaigned so hard for Barack, you were in every photo-op, you were by his side, you had googly eyes for him.  Your uncharacteristic silence during perhaps some of the most difficult times of ours and definitely the world’s history, you say absolutely nothing.

It is plain to see Clare has distanced herself from the antics of her apparently former bud Barack Obama.   I would like to know if I am reading this correctly though, has Clare abandoned Obama or has B.O. pushed her away since he no longer needs her?   Has Barack turned out to be disappointing to you Clare?  He isn’t that great hero action figure you made him out to be is he?   Lots of questions; Clare has no answers.


      1. Neither did I. One thing I noticed was that many establishment liberals and establishment newspapers were opposed to Amendment 9 (“The Snowden Amendment”)

        I guess police-state measures are OK as long as a Donkey is president…

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  1. It is my hope that these liberals who had their noses so far up Obamma’s backside cannot remove the stink and are forever tied to Obama and his attempt to dismantle the greatest nation in the world. It goes to show what irresponsibility breeds. They stood stout and strong behind an un-vetted candidate who openly despised a FREE America.

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      1. Arlin, you forget that after Clinton said on National TV, “I did not have sex with that woman.” Twice. He finally came clean and came on National TV and apologized to his family and to the American public for lying.


    1. I remember when he was elected to the Senate, one of the news networks said, “There is your next President.” That resonated within me because he had no experience at all in government. And 4 months into his Senate seat, he was running against Hillary Clinton. I KNOW that there are hidden people behind the scenes and they will turn on him once his presidency is done. Just wait and see the fall out. He has turned against them, I believe. I don’t think that they wanted him to align us with the Muslim Brotherhood. We are in big trouble now. I just pray that someone of integrity and honor runs in 2016 and wins so that some of the damage control can begin. S/He will also have a pen and a phone! I pray that the one elected in 2016 will actually take His/Her Oath seriously and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America! And I pray that the one elected in 2016 will be able to work with both sides of Congress so that things can get done. And that people will be held accountable for not doing their jobs.

      Ok, I have to take a breath now so I assume you do too! 🙂

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