Commentary: It’s time to expel Michele Bachmann from Congress

You want to get rid of Michele for her spoken inaccuracy, you do likewise with Pelosi, Reid and especially Obama……and most of Congress. Hell I’m on board, but good luck.

10 thoughts on “Commentary: It’s time to expel Michele Bachmann from Congress”

  1. Actually Bachman is done she has stated she is not seeking another term. Reid may be done as well, I have inside information he is not getting the Mormon backing he is used to getting this time around due to his god complex.. Pelosi would be a great person to topple but a hard battle for sure as her base would support her if she juggled babies and ate kittens. Hillary may be her own undoing and her husband cannot seem to stay out of the mix and continues to show how out of touch they are.

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    1. I agree with all that you have said except I pray that Pelosi would be out too. The Clintons have sabotaged her opportunity to run for anything but maybe a Breast Cancer Awareness Run! Somehow Pelosi needs to go, she can’t make any sense when she speaks. I watched her try to talk after she went to the border and she was pathetic like she was high on peyote or something! Good grief!

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      1. Pelosi stutters worse than porky-pig, and I too wish she would be given the boot, she is a cancer within our government. Partisan even in the face of common sense. We need thinkers in office not party followers and that goes for our entire government.

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      2. I thought I was replying to Basharr…
        It is SO refreshing and encouraging to know that there really are others out there that feel the same way! At times, especially where I live (primarily Democratic) you feel so alone and make to feel like an idiot. What is interesting, though, is it is Democratic in town, but as you go out into the county, it is much more Republican. I happen to live in the county but my husband is a firefighter/paramedic for the City so he’s is “forced” to be part of the IAFF. I really don’t understand why it is the International Association of Firefighters. Why International? My husband won’t discuss politics or religion as they just create arguments regardless of who you discuss them with. He believes that all politicians are corrupt, they tell you what you want to hear to get elected and then stick it to you when they get there. I can’t blame him. He’s seen it happen even if he didn’t vote for him! But, he will argue for the Democrat’s side if I ask to see a movie (America, What would this world be without her) then I would have to agree to see some opposing movie. I don’t know the movie and both are gone now so hopefully I will be able to get my hands on the DVD by Dinesh D’Sousa. I love looking at things through his eyes since he grew up in a totally different culture and had to go through all of the steps to become a citizen, learn English is one of them. And he believes that America is the greatest nation on Earth! And that we are letting her go. I agree with him on both counts.

        As for Pelosi, she sounded like she had smoked some peyote or something as she tried desperately to find words at the microphone after seeing the illegal aliens. I felt the urge to break out in “We are the world, we are the children” or “Kumbya, my Lord, Kuymbya” as she stumbles over her words. Seriously, I think she needs to see a doctor about Alzheimer’s or something. She isn’t right, health-wise.

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