They have more history but, Israel and Palestinian wars started because of Jewish immigration (Zionists); They were however, from what I understand, returning to the land they once occupied. Are you still immigrants if you return to a land you were ran out of or abandoned? Oh, I am sure I will get critiqued on this one.

Citizen Tom

border.pngSupposedly, illegal immigration is a problem we cannot solve. Supposedly, we cannot stop people from sneaking across the border, overstaying their visas, or whatever it is someone might do to sneak into our country. Supposedly, we cannot stop employers from hiring illegal aliens. Supposedly, an intelligent person believes illegal immigration is a problem we cannot solve.

What supposedly is true is not true. We can stop illegal immigration. So why don’t we do it? Our problem is one of priorities. For a relatively small number of employers, illegal immigration equates to cheaper labor and higher profits. For nearly half of our politicians, illegal immigration translates into more votes. Unfortunately, most voters don’t really care about preserving America’s republic. Instead, they want their Social Security, their Medicare, their food stamps, their mortgage deduction, their unemployment insurance, and so forth. Don’t too many of us hope to receive a bribe from the politician…

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Obama Thanks Muslims for ‘Building the Very Fabric of Our Nation’

What Did You Say?


July 28, 2014 By


Obama defending muslims

ConfusedFrom the White House website, posted on Sunday, July 27 (emphasis added):

As Muslims throughout the United States and around the world celebrate Eid-al-Fitr, Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to them and their families.  This last month has been a time of fasting, reflection, spiritual renewal, and service to the less fortunate.  While Eid marks the completion of Ramadan, it also celebrates the common values that unite us in our humanity and reinforces the obligations that people of all faiths have to each other, especially those impacted by poverty, conflict, and disease.

In the United States, Eid also reminds us of the many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans to building the very…

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Here we go again.   I have seen comments on blogs of whether or when U.S. troops should assist the Ukraine.   Of course it starts with military advisers, and the humanitarian motive.

I will make this short and sweet, explanation should not be necessary.  No, hell no.   We have no business getting our military involved between the Ukraine and Russia.

End of story.


Since a friend asked a question or two, I’m going to share them

Points well taken, I certainly waste enough on unnecessary items. I pledge to cut back, approach a homeless person each week with a donation to help with a meal. This is something I do, I prefer I approach them before they approach me, hopefully saving a little of their dignity as well. I can/will do this more often than I have. I am confident others will do something as well.

Ars Skeptica

I truly look forward to your responses

The long and the short of the questions boil down to this: what more are we as Americans expected to do when it comes to helping/saving all those in the world that need assistance? We already do so very much, and we have needs right here at home that go unmet. In particular, the question was asked in the context of Christian faith, in exploration of a longstanding bit of guidance…when in doubt, ask, “what would Jesus do?” Even more particularly, it was asked in regard to our moral and ethical obligation to the children, not necessarily the teens/gang members, etc. that may be among them, but the actual children (however you define that) who are arriving at our borders in grave need.

What more can we do? What more should we do? WWJD?

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When conversation picks up from a blog I initiated, I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment, especially with comments from followers.  Dialogue on issues begin and are hashed out .   Disagreements are expected, understanding and respect are built from sharing thoughts and ideas from faces we never see and have never met.

I recently had a blogger friend ask if I knew how she and her husband could go about adopting a young teenage child, possibly an immigrant/ok I’ll say it refugee.   Another follower read the blog and responded with contact information of an agency/organization that may be of assistance.  Wow….how great is that.   Blogging can serve a wonderful purpose, when good people get involved; but you knew that.   Even if nothing becomes of it….the fact people are willing to share to help another, is a sign there is still hope for us as a nation.  We still care.

Meet Peggy Hanson

I for one, like it outside the box.


Peggy Hanson Peggy Hanson

I am an unlikely author to ask about her writing career.  Virtually nothing about my experience fits into the proverbial “box.”  And that question PJ asks about “when did you feel successful as a writer?”  Well, I’m still hoping that moment will come!

The one thing I have in common with all writers is that I have always done it, have always loved it, have always had it as a goal. I’m never happier than when I exercise the discipline to write in a serious way.

And I will admit that when I got down to applying that discipline (built up by being a journalist on deadline) to polishing up and actually publishing my first two novels in the Elizabeth Darcy series, DEADLINE ISTANBUL and DEADLINE YEMEN it felt pretty good.  After all, by that time, I was age 73!

The truth is that I have always written…

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Native American Corner (07/26/14)

This is the best of our culture.

Daily Happenings from poetsareangels

1. Cobell Land Buyback Just a Dangling Carrot

2. 10 Things Other People Love About Indians and Stuff

One of the things non-Natives adore is a pow wow. They go ga-ga over them,
and rightly so.

3.  An Elder’s Missionary Life: Founded Christian School & Church, & 300 Visits

Courtesy Choctaw Nation
Curtis Pugh, Choctaw elder and missionary

4. Ojibwe People, Culture Honored on Minnesota Town’s Murals

5. Amazon Oil Spill Has Killed Tons of Fish, Sickened Native People

Barbara Fraser
Dead fish from an oil spill in the Peruvian Amazon are mixed with oil-covered twigs
gathered by local residents. Fish are vital to the villagers’ diet and income.

6. Used Car Loan Scam: The Alphabet Soup of Ripping Off the Poor

7. Spotlight 29 Casino to Host the Winter Gathering Pow Wow

8. Sheri Doxtator: NMAI’s Meet Native America Series

Chief Sheri Doxtator, Oneida Nation of the Thames.

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Our voices are being heard, sometimes we have to shout to see the evidence of that; but stay patient you are a force.

I believe our tweets and blogs may be the greatest factor of raising awareness.  We can not count on the national or even world media to accurately inform us.  I am also not so naive to believe everything from a tweet or blog.   But usually where there is a lot of smoke, there is a fire.  Keep digging to find the truth.

We are beginning to see a bit more news coverage from the major networks on the Southern border immigration issue here in the U.S.   I believe action from our government and president is in part due to the public outcry.  A lot of that comes from right here on what we write and share with our followers.   They also know we vote!

This morning our local St. Louis news gave immigration a stunning 2 minutes, with video.   Not a big deal you say?  That’s up by about  one-and-a-half minutes.  Will be interesting to see what the national TV will release.  Hopefully I haven’t missed already.

My point is we can make a difference.   I know the stance on illegal immigration is mixed even split, but if we remain active our government will, sooner or later respond.   It may not go the way you or I want it in the end, but stay vocal…..this is our country.   We are the voice of awareness.