troops leave planeWith the U.S. budget and financial issues being as dismal as they are, the Pentagon is preparing to cut billions of dollars from its budget, reducing military spending, forces and weapons program.   The cuts, according to NBC will put American military forces to its lowest level  prior to World War II.

The budget cuts will come at a price according to U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel:  “As a consequence of large budget cuts, our future force will assume additional risk in certain areas,” Hagel said, citing gaps in training and maintenance and a smaller force that would be stretched thin if major conflicts broke out in several places at once.

I thought we were already stretched pretty thin.   Talk about a nation that sacrifices for the well-being of other nations.  We give up so much that our own security is of greater risk.  This can only place greater pressure on the forces we keep in place.  This is how we show support of our men and women who sacrifice enough as is.   Military cuts will include loss of quantity and quality of protective equipment and weapons.

Lets cut to the chase, we can look directly at the money this nation gives away around the world and to benefit who?   I know the argument about treaties, promises, humanitarian causes, all of it  Our number one priority should be the security of this nation and it isn’t.

We may be pulling troops out of Afghanistan, but how long will it be before we are considering redeploying them, does Iraq come to mind?  With all the violence, bombing…..wars currently going on around the world, more widespread than anytime in my lifetime (I am 62) we are cutting our military?   This is the greatest brain-dead decision our government could make.   You can include all that is happening at the border here as well, our border, I’m not talking about Israel now.   We don’t know what all is crossing over.   I can here all naive Obamaites now…… the you’re nuts crowd.  The same ones that believed Obama was the answer of hope.  He has been hope not.

Seriously, common sense here, would you run your personal budget this way; give so much to others, that you put yourself in a financial position where you can not take care of your basic needs?  No, you wouldn’t, most of us wouldn’t.  Without securing and keeping our nation safe, nothing else will matter.

I am not saying we must withdraw foreign aid completely.    If we can even consider cutting our own budget, we must cut foreign aid from that budget, obviously more than we are or will.   Some nations we give support, do not deserve it, most hate us anyway.

Our military protects or freedom, and our freedom allows us all that we have and need.  Our military need our greatest support.   We can not compromise our men and women that serve our nation.











  1. Reblogged this on My Soapbox and commented:
    I wholeheartedly agree with Arlin’s article though I would pull all financial aid from those countries that do not comply or seek to do us harm, period. Shrinking our military when the threat to our own shores is the greatest it has ever been is just insanity! But when you have a narcissistic POTUS, what do you expect? I hope you enjoy Arlin’s input as much as I do!


  2. Arlin, you are spot on, yet again! The one thing that is missing is that as Obama shrinks our military, the threat of our homeland being attacked grows more and more each day. We already know there are sleeper cells already in this country. We know that Iran has nuclear power and is ready to align with ISIS/ISIL to attack the U.S. and how are we to protect our own homeland when our POTUS has basically pink-slipped all of the experienced combat vets and left those who aren’t trained to lead!? And we have our National Guard. Their job is to Guard our Nation. It drove me nuts that THEY were deployed when their job is to stay here and protect our shores/borders if need be.

    There is a hidden agenda, as we all know, and he has methodically worked it out but he is a narcissist and he will make a mistake just like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, et al, the question is when and if we can recover from it in time.

    I have always proposed that if you are to be a Commander-in-Chief, you should have at least worn a uniform at some point in your life. But he is Fundraiser-in-Chief. He doesn’t have what it takes to command. He writes a letter to Putin instead of talk to him face to face in the situation room. Coward. Do you really think Obama’s letter means squat to Putin? (I can almost hear Putin say he will wipe is bum with the letter.) Watch how Putin walks. He only swings his right arm. USSR through and through. He fears no one as he is also a narcissist.

    Thank you for always writing the truth, Arlin! You always have much to contribute and it’s much appreciated!


    1. Thank you…. You are correct on protecting our homeland first. In my blog I only kind of skimmed stating, not knowing what all crosses our border…..which I was implying exactly what you mentioned. I was afraid if I got on that tangent I’d get ticked and still be writing. 🙂 If we had Putin’s nerve but in a democratically free philosophy mind set we’d have something. He is tinkering with Obama, Barack is not even in his league. I can only imagine Obama going up against Putin in any serious talks or negotiations. I don’t see anything good from it for the U.S. Take care…..will be in touch.

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