I introduced myself a day or so ago as a rookie to blogging and freelance writing.   I normally write about politics and current events, focusing on issues the mainstream media does not report.  I said then that I would like to post articles in the writer’s category occasionally to break the monotony and break to a lighter side.

As a newbie to writing I find myself becoming addicted to placing my body at this keyboard and writing something.    I already posted two political articles today……didn’t feel like a third, but I had to write.  I believe in the 6 to 7 weeks of experience I have now gained I see improvement.  I have a question for the more seasoned writers.   Is it good that I am addicted so quickly and can’t get enough?   I don’t want to just put words down, I really am striving for quality and content.   Is there a point where it is too much?   I know once in a while you need a break, even a vacation.

I was given a Nook a few months ago as a gift.  I bought books to read and found like most items you purchase, you get what you pay for.   Because I like to read a lot I would buy some books rather cheaply and some I ordered that were free.   I became quite frustrated with the lower valued readings, as the grammar and spelling errors were ridiculous.   I got to thinking, I can write better than this.   By all means I don’t believe writing is easy, it is not.

I had thought about writing before, but never really knew how to get started, and was I articulate enough?   My nook readings convinced me I should give it a go.  So, here I am and enjoy it more than my day job as an International Banker, which is not as glamorous as it sounds.

I could use some tips on the addiction thing, and critiquing is also encouraged, but don’t beat me up too bad.   Thank you for reading.



  1. I have enjoyed your articles so far. I have to agree with the other poster that suggested that if you have a few people that you trust to preview an article that you may feel questionable, to get their feedback certainly can’t hurt. I’m new to WordPress but I had blogged on Blogspot prior to my going to school, then going to work,

    Now I am homebound and disabled so I have time to blog and write. Hence the name of my WordPress Blog named SoapBox as I tend to step up on it quite a bit! (So I’m told.)

    Your articles are balances and easy to read. I don’t find them difficult to follow or complicated to comprehend your writing. For me, this is a good thing.

    So, continue to write… regardless of the topic! Just make a new tag for it! I look forward to them!


    1. Thank you for your encouragement, means a lot.
      I try to write in a format as if I were carrying on a conversation with someone. A big frequently used vocabulary, I think can not only be difficult to understand, but tiresome to read. Wordiness turns me off. If I can’t keep it simple, don’t say it. Thank you for taking the time to reply. We’ll stay in touch.


  2. You are in a good space Arlin, writing well and enjoying it. true writing in most forms is not easy, but if you feel comfortable writing then carry on. Questioning yourself and seeing advice I think are positive things, and I think many writers have these same feelings and ideas. Before I became a charity book seller I worked in libraries, and ran free creative writing sessions (also did it free for friends, when they got blocked) and it was interesting just how many times these questions came up in various ways. Carry on, enjoy, best wishes and blessings Charles.

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  3. You are doing fine Arlin. The urge to write is good, a way of satisfying the need to put your thoughts and ideas on paper is an effective use of your time if you resist the urge to post too soon. Find a few more seasoned writers to review what you write prior to making it public (you can make a post private in WordPress and only those with the deirect link to that post can view and critique it. Take your time, often writing is as much an extension of your personal Gestalt as it is an intellectual exercise.
    Keep going my friend, you write well and (so far) have demonstrated a facility with the written word.

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