Immigration Obama

Many are protesting against deporting relatives back to Mexico or Central and South America, not to breakup families.    If the immigrants crossing now are coming without documentation, how do we know who is related to who; and that they only claim to be related to stay?  Anyone can claim to be related to any other.  Seriously, how would we know for sure?

Just a question to ponder.


  1. I’m not sure how to reply to this. My first thought is that many citizens today were welcomed generations ago without such questions. Another question: Why is there a border wall to the south and not the north. In any case, just asking. Not judging your post.


    1. Oscar, may I call you Oscar? Wanted to let you know, I did a blog that I published today, addressing border walls. Not an easy writing, its a difficult subject. On one hand wish we could do away with walls altogether, but on the other a necessary evil. I really don’t like them…….. I did the article from the comments we shared yesterday. Its under the heading Border Walls. Hope you are well.


      1. I read it, and for the most part you did a great job establishing your position. I don’t agree with all of it, but what I do so is from some of the comments there. Some folks are a little disillusioned about what happens here. The wal doesn’t connect from Brownsville, Texas to San Diego. There are definite fractures in the wall hundreds of miles long, but my childhood landscape has been marred by those ugly bars

        In any case, Most helicopters in the air here on the border are from Border Patrol and the Texas Department of Public Safety. Some Mexican military helicopters have made their way over, but there are allowances for certain distances over.

        Until a month ago I worked for the largest local daily paper here, so I was arround the conversations that didn’t get into print. There is an issue, but it’s been exhaggerated greatly by some of the same media outlets that we stood side by side reporting border issues.

        In any case, I thank you for your response. No, we won’t have an answer to this, maybe ever. But I wonder if anyone wants to ask the Irish if they can understand the plight of the southern immigrant.


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