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Demonstrations were held again today against illegal immigration and the policies of Barack Obama.   Did you see the stories on your evening news?  No you did not.

Between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM at the intersection of I-44 and Jamieson in St. Louis demonstrators stood with their signs on the I-44 overpass.   This wasn’t news worthy here though………and I suspect it was the same throughout the country at the other 200+ locations.  The major networks just are not interested.  I saw nothing on the local major networks and the national broadcasts.

Major media are as political as any lobbyists.   When they report only what they want, they can not be trusted for reporting the truth.

One thought on “MEDIA CONTROL”

  1. We had to take a quick trip to Boise yesterday. We saw 2 differant groups protesting illegal immigration. It wasn’t on the news here either. No you can’t trust the media.


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