Yes the U.S. has always been a nation of immigrants.   Immigration is how this nation was built.   However, Native Americans, of which I share my blood, rightfully can claim it was stolen.

Immigration goes back to that first ship landing to present day.  But, does there come a time where enough is enough and too much?  From the beginning, there was plenty of land and resources to share along with opportunity.  The problem began when the immigrants, at that time the white man, no longer wanted to share with the natives.    Say what?  The immigrants no longer wanted to share?  Could that be happening again.   Maybe not yet……..but they already believe they are entitled to a system and all its benefits they have not and in most cases will  not make any contribution.

We do not live in the same world.  The world has changed, this nation and all its problems have changed.   We have always taken the masses in, even when it was difficult.   We face different challenges today, and nearly every aspect of daily living has influence.

The pilgrims never faced terrorism as we face today.  Every region of the world faces conflict, violence, hunger.   Our own citizens can not find jobs, how will less skilled immigrants.  The issues we face within our country will only compound.   The children crossing the border carry diseases we are not vaccinated against; along with all the other problems they bring.

I understand the humanitarian side, but even that argument becomes weak with an organized effort from leaders and traffic was not spontaneous.  They come for what they have obviously been promised and an attitude of entitlement, an American characteristic they won’t have to learn.

We do not live in the same world, and for our own security and future our policy must change.   We must become stricter and enforce our immigration laws.



  1. Oh… Ok. The so the pilgrims carried no diseases? Brought no violence with them? Respected, upheld, and contributed to the way of life long established by the native people? Nope. So what exactly are they afraid of? That the new immigrants may do to them what they did to the natives? Maybe that’s a good thing. If we’re extra lucky, and these immigrants are feeling as “generous” as the white settlers, “Americans” might even get a few reservations out of it! That was adequate compensation for the native Americans apparently.


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