Poster image design by Shepard Fairey

I wasn’t particularly fond of  Obama when he came on the scene.   I got really bad vibes, listening to him speak,  watching the body language filled with arrogance as he approached a podium.   I couldn’t come to trust him…..he was/is a phony.

Those Obama poster images hanging in campaign halls and who knows where throughout the nation, that’s what really did it for me.   Who does that?  May be I’m wrong, but I just don’t recall images of a candidate and President up for re-election with his image hanging from the walls and rafters like he is to be worshiped.  Not like that anyway.   I don’t believe you saw that from McCain or Romney.

I just could not keep from thinking we were just like the old Soviet Union, with images of Stalin and Lenin their citizens got to enjoy everyday, everywhere.   That is what I took from the public poster images of Obama, that he wanted to be just like Joseph.

If he thought he could get away with it, his image would be everywhere,  just like Caesar.

Just how hopeful are you feeling these days?


6 thoughts on “THE IMAGE OF A TYRANT”

  1. I know it’s a matter of subjective tastes, but what body language, speaking tone, and delivery did he use that made him look any more arrogant than any other candidate behind a podium? Grand gestures and lofty rhetoric are part and parcel of good oratory. Were any of the examples anyone can provide *not* used by other candidates? Were other candidates that used those elements in their speeches *not* arrogant?

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      1. Fair enough. I was just wondering if there were particulars that separated him from the rest of the herd. I ask, because generally if I see someone at a podium with a flag behind them, arrogance registers quickly, followed by a distinct sense of BS 🙂


      2. BS ….I agree. I really noticed the arrogant body language from Obama (more so) during his presidency or I should say rule. It drives me nuts to see him approach a podium. I know the BS is about to fly.


      3. As usual, don’t get me wrong. I can’t stand his policies and can’t wait for him to be gone. But I think we both know if his posture, etc., weren’t bold or whatever, imagine him slouching to the podium, then he would just be un-Presidential, and we’d hear that from all the talking heads who don’t like him. If he changed suits, they’d be the wrong color. If he tried a different knot in his tie, it would be communist.

        I’m all for going after him for good and serious reasons. There’s a ton of them. By the same token, he gets crapped on for stuff by people that gave Bush a pass for the exact same things, for example, feet on the desk, or being a no-show for something huge, or missing critical intelligence leading up to a huge national catastrophe.

        I’ve got a good friend that likes to remind me that it’s not enough to be right. We must be right for the right reasons. If we aren’t, we’re still prone to error.


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