Impeachment NOW
Impeachment NOW

I originally had mixed feelings on impeachment.  I thought it was too late and only a waste of time and money.  Even if the House impeached Obama, Harry Reid and his band of idiots would only protect their savior.   But then, what has Congress done for several years now anyway, but wasted time and money.  While they have impeachment hearings, we could find out how are representatives stand on Obama’s antics.   Not that I need to know which ones need to go, I think they all need thrown from the halls of where real leaders assemble.

Personally I would rather see Barack Obama arrested for treason than impeached……..there is plenty of reason for both.  Neither the Legislature or Judicial systems in this country have the nerve or integrity to charge treason.   I’m not sure they have it for impeachment.   What is unique about this situation with our self- proclaimed King is, at one time I would have said they won’t do it because they have to be politically correct).   However, if they did impeach, it could now be both politically correct and the right thing.  The way I see it, it is a win-win for the Legislature.  But they don’t think like the rest of us or me anyway- do what is right not politically correct.

Just because Obama is a lame (and the term could not be truer) duck half way the through the term doesn’t mean Congress takes a vacation from their responsibilities (tongue in cheek there).   Not doing their job, makes them as guilty as the accused.

The differences between Republicans and Democrats are quite often for show.  They are supposed to disagree, right?  Don’t believe that so much, issues are decided in backrooms away from the media, and in many cases the few honest politicians that are sprinkled in the crowd. These actors then come on stage and put on their finger-pointing performances.  Obama’s fate has probably already been decided.   I only say probably because, I can’t prove it and I hold a glimmer of hope I could be wrong.

Impeachment or treason?   I am only going to mention two events.   No. 1, Obama released 5 dangerous terrorists, and gave them back so they would eventually be reunited with comrades.   Obama created an unnecessary threat to the security of this nation the instant he opened their cell doors.    That is treasonous.   No. 2, Obama allows a flood of immigrants to illegally cross the border into our country, carrying all their problems with them (too many to mention here) in violation of the law.  Obama turns his back on this problem, he was only miles from the border just this past week, but would not go.   Barry wants to blame Republicans for holding up the 3.8 billion of your tax money for the crisis getting worse.    No…..he pushes blame in another direction to avoid the issue himself.   Does Obama get immunity from violating the law?   I suppose Biden could always pardon him later.

These were just 2 events, there are many more, at which the very least are impeachable.   The point is, we must do something to rid the most arrogant, destructive individual to ever reside in our White House.    Impeachment or treason…….my vote would be treason, but that’s just me.



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    An oldie but still applies. Do the powers that be have the big cahones to try Obama for treason? If it were “Joe Blow” on the street or a Republican – all of this would have been completed by now. What’s the deal?



  2. This might be one where I’m an extra hard-sell. I still think he opened the door to impeachment with the manner in which he conducted the prisoner swap without first giving Congress 30-days notice, as per the law. Sen. Feinstein certainly declared that a breach of law. And typical of this administration, they waved that away with some specious claim that the law didn’t mean that in this situation because “trust us.” At least here we have a very specific, definable behavior that very clearly breaks with the law, and there’s even the damning statement of Feinstein to help make it stick.

    I still think treason is a stretch.

    United States Code at 18 U.S.C. § 2381 states “whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

    While I respect the degree and depth of sentiment on the issue, sentiment aside, I see no chance of making charges of treason stick. An attempt to do that which fails will only hurt GOP odds in upcoming elections. However good it might feel, the longer term harm probably isn’t worth it.

    “Levies war” against the United States. Both sides could argue until blue in the face, but short of someone with smoking gun evidence of Obama ordering a military assault on US assets, that’s truly a non-starter.

    “Adhering to an enemy,” e.g., President Obama himself (or soldiers/operatives under his command…another stretch) is on a foreign bomber or ship that attacks US assets. Even stretchier would be claiming he orchestrated or was complicit with a foreign attack on US assets. Again, sentiment aside, subjective interpretations of events aside, where’s the smoking gun? Treason requires trial. No amount of circumstantial evidence or wishful thinking or gut instinct leads to a conviction.

    “Aid and comfort to the enemy,” seems to be the last resort. Again, we can look at the Bergdahl swap, but to what end? Aside from law broken in the swap, the prisoners were reportedly released into foreign custody in such a way that they should not be able to see the battlefield again. Prison to prison is hardly “aid and comfort.” Even if we COULD stretch it that far, how does the GOP make the case that Obama doing it in the Bergdahl swap is somehow more prosecutable than Bush releasing 532 Guantanamo detainees, many of which his administration admitted were innocent? Note: only “many,” i.e., not all. It’s entirely possible one of those Bush releasees was specifically involved in the assault in Benghazi. If one wanted to make a treason case, it would actually be easier, with that stretch to make it against Bush. I don’t think that’s the goal.

    I’m all for the best and brightest ideas prevailing in Congress and at the polls. Anything that might prevent either side from seeing that happen because there’s an unnecessary stain on the party’s credibility is ultimately in opposition to what’s good for the country. Surely that’s not what we’re aiming for, is it?

    For what it’s worth, Congress doesn’t need to act in unison for charges of treason to be leveled against Obama. You just need two people. Assuming this is a good idea, there aren’t two true, bold, patriotic Americans in all of Congress who could this? Even among Obama’s most outspoken critics? Why is that?


    1. Good questions…..and yes I agree treason is a stretch, a very long stretch. It was mostly wishful thinking and I can dream can’t I statement. My purpose in bringing up the impeachment vs treason…….to keep the conversation alive. I really want to see something that addresses Obama from Congress.


      1. If it’s any indication where my heart lies…after Bush I was disgusted and drank the Hope-Aid. Obama’s chair wasn’t even warm when I started bitching. He passed one of those touchy-feely healthcare for children bills that you’re Satan if you vote against. You know the type.Of course he funded it with a regressive sin tax on tobacco…help the poor children by taxing the crap out of the smoking demographic: poor, women, black, Native American, etc. It was a downhill slide on splinters since then. In 2012, still feeling really liberal and pissy, I voted Romney. I get in more scrapes with Obamabots than I ever did with my conservative friends!


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