Border Patrol finding Muslim prayer rugs in the desert along our southern border….

Muslim’s, terrorists included will take advantage of the opportunity. More days like 9/11 are around the corner, if we don’t wake up. We can not count on Obama or Congress; they are part of the problem.

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What This Border Guard Just Found Shows We Are Being Invaded By More Than Just Kids

“I poked a bit at it with a stick and noticed…”

Photo credit: Vladimir Melnik /

by B. Christopher Agee, Western Journalism

While amnesty proponents are quick to call on Americans to show mercy to the poor children seeking refuge in America, empirical evidence shows the threat illegal immigration poses to America is exponentially greater than the thousands of kids streaming across the border.

As Western Journalism has previously reported, the threat of gang violence and disease is a constant danger to those working along the border and the nation as a whole.

Recent evidence, however, indicates the security risks extend much further to potentially include Middle Eastern terrorists bent on destroying the U.S.

Breitbart reports this week that one member of a security team working near the Arizona-Mexico border recently found what he believes is a Muslim…

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One thought on “Border Patrol finding Muslim prayer rugs in the desert along our southern border….”

  1. I really wish I could find an article on this that shares the details that need sharing but that could skip the inflammatory insults, because the tone of the articles I’ve found will only put you and your readers off. I’ll link to the Gawker article below, because they’re the ones who broke the “fact-check” version of this story, but yeah, the tone is completely hostile to our fellow Americans, just the conservative ones.

    Here’s a more civil summary of what anyone who reads the link will find:

    First, that when sharing news, it’s abundantly important to consider the source, and the source’s history of pushing fact and/or fiction. Breitbart occasionally runs some really good material, but has a sufficient history of running with either errors, distortions, or lies that any reader interested in truth should proceed with caution. Granted, that applies to big sources like the New York Times, as well. Breitbart just has a special history of it.

    That’s okay, though. They’ve got a readership to please and ad dollars to make, and they clearly have marked out their territory.

    When Kerry Pickett opens the article talking about Mr. Leber and his organization, American Patriot, Three Percent he provides the reader (as do all journalists) an opportunity to ask, “What is the quality of this source? Who are they? What do they do? Why is their analysis valid?” Mr. Pickett links to APTP’s Facebook page in aid of that goal.

    To avoid any whiff of partiality on my part, I would just suggest looking up American Patriot, Three Percent on Google. In fairness, I’ll say that those who support Cliven Bundy will feel reassured. Those who oppose will probably think, “that figures.” In any event, when measuring the impartiality of a source, it’s important to note if that source has a particular agenda. Pro or con, it’s safe to say that III Percenters have an agenda.

    I actually can’t speak to the military intelligence expertise of the APTP agents that located the, to them, mysterious item, but this is where Gawker proceeds to have a bit of fun at their expense and at Breitbart’s expense. When a party with an agenda, for example, gun control advocates (we can agree they’ve got an agenda, I’m sure) throw around their usual arguments for an “assault” weapons ban (I know, right?) because they’re scary-looking, we know they are fear-mongering to rile up their base.

    Sadly, that’s what I think has happened here. That “prayer rug” turns out to be nothing more than a soccer jersey.

    That said, here’s the deal. I do believe that the US/Mexico border poses a real national security concern. Here are the findings of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism as reported to the Department of Homeland Security in 2012:

    Click to access START_BorderCrossingsTerroristAttacks.pdf

    We should absolutely keep beating the drum for greater border security measures, but we truly need to be careful that we do it on unimpeachably valid grounds lest we hand opposition commentators free ammo. When articles like Breitbart’s turn out to be false on their surface, it plays directly into the liberal GOTV hands. You just know that pictures of soccer jerseys and pure, hysterical mockery will be part of 2014 midterm election campaigns where anyone who makes suggestions like this will be made out to be fools.

    That is tragic, especially when there are excellent sources that make the case that the political hacks on the left won’t touch because it runs counter to their own agenda setting.


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